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5 Tips for Wonderful Webinars

Webinars are a great marketing tool, allowing you to connect with your audience without requiring travel or significant financial investment. Webinars provide you with a stage to demonstrate your expertise in specific areas, interact with your audience in real time and drive great conversations. In order to ensure you host a successful and engaging webinar, here are some tips you should always follow: Choose the Right Speakers for your Audience We recently released a blog post about how to manage events with Marketo and the benefits of incorporating events into your marketing mix. To make your webinars appealing to your

Lead Scoring: A Few Quick Tips

Inbound marketers focus on attracting, capturing, and engaging with the highest volume of leads possible, growing an organization’s marketable database. The challenge however, is determining the quality of leads. This is where lead scoring becomes a valuable tool in any marketer’s toolbox. A score can be made up of behaviours, demographic attributes, and custom activities (increasing in the Spring 2016 Marketo Release). Lead scoring represents one of the core pillars in the lead management component in Marketing Automation and is leveraged when developing other strategies (like nurture and lead lifecycle). Collaboration between Sales and Marketing Sales and marketing may have

Practical Tips for Managing Events in Marketo

Events are excellent ways to engage with your audience. Events, whether online or in person, add an increased level of engagement with you audience, helping build stronger relationships with them. Events such as webinars and trade shows are also a great way to position your company and display the knowledge of your team on a range of topics. Marketing automation tools, like Marketo, can be used to help you manage and promote your event. Managing Events in Marketo: From program setup to reporting, here are some practical tips and strategies for managing events in Marketo: Plan Your Event Wisely Events

Email Best Practices for Today’s Leads

  image via iamwire.com According to the Email Statistics Report by the Radicati Group, there are 182.9 billion emails sent per day worldwide. That’s a lot of messages landing in peoples inboxes. How do you ensure that your messages break through the clutter and get read by recipients? Below you’ll find some key tips to help your email messages stand out from the crowd and generate more conversions. Best Practices for Subject Lines: Aside from the sender’s information, the subject line is one of the first things that someone reads. The ‘from’ name and email address must be recognizable to

Prepare Your Programs for Marketo Email Insights

Marketo Email Insights is a tool that allows you to gain more information and prepare various reports on the performance of your emails. In order to get the most out of Email Insights, there’s some important information you need to know, and some foundation work you’ll want to do to ensure accurate reporting. Below, I will share some advice on what you can do to ensure programs are properly setup to ensure that you are able to get the information you need. Marketo Email Insights Best Practices Custom Dimensions Since it is currently only possible to enable 10 custom dimensions inside

Marketo Programs: Why do QA?

When building a program in Marketo, testing can be as (or more) important than building. Testing ensures that there are no build defects that will compromise your end result, ensuring that your program operates the way it is intended to. Marketo Program QA First let us review what you always should QA in Marketo. Smart Lists: Triggers and Filters give you plenty of options when defining your audience. However, there are a few things you should always check twice: The filter operator. For example, the filter operator “is” (exact match) will not give you the same result that the filter