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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Teams

Catherine Champoux

Image from In our January post “Overcoming the Hurdles of a Virtual Team”, we discussed how working with teammates, employees or supervisors in different geographical locations can be challenging. Some hurdles are easier to overcome than others and some challenges can prove to be rather difficult. If working with a globalized team can be complicated, why run the risk of having a potentially difficult work environment, you might ask? Glad you did! Though it’s true that a virtual team may not be for everyone, it truly does have wonderful advantages. To help you make a decision on what best suits

Creating a Personalized Experience for Anonymous Leads with Marketo

Lindsay Khan

 image from eradar  Companies are learning pretty quickly that they need to bring a personalized experience to those who visit their website. With Marketo’s acquisition of Insightera, and the launch of Marketo Real Time Personalization, the topic was very timely and a major discussion point at last year’s Marketo Summit. Why Personalization Matters  In a 2013 study conducted by Janrain, “nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions) appears that has nothing to do with their interests.” People want to be presented with information and products that are relevant to them. When

Gated Versus Ungated Content

Sydney Wong

Image from To gate or not to gate? There has been a dynamic and vigorous debate about whether or not marketers should restrict their content. “Gating” is the process of requiring a lead to provide information in order to view/ download a piece of content (for example, a whitepaper).  There  are benefits and retractors for each, and we’ve broken down the most popular below: For Gated Content: Pro: You  collect lead information Content that prompts visitors to fill out a form will have the advantages of collecting lead information and growing your database. It will also give your more

2700 BC to 2015: An Infographic on the Evolution of Marketing

Amanda Nelson

In order to get into the exciting practices and possibilities of marketing, we must look at the history, to the earliest form of record keeping we know of; the story. We have used stories as our principal means of communication back to when we were scratching on cave walls. This practice has persisted over thousands of years.  Storytelling and reflecting on the past is truly powerful. According to business analyst, Jake Dolezal, “There is a clear power of connected stories. A story is connected from the bits and pieces and points of view from different shorter stories, that altogether, tells

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