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Learn About Digesto in Our Upcoming Webinar!

David Desrosiers

Image Credits: modified image – original by Remi Otäcon Licence In a previous post we introduced you to our RSS to Email solution for Marketo, which was launched at last year’s Marketo Summit.  Now when we look back, our small crew at Perkuto has tripled and we distributed over 25,000 blog articles!. Digesto has evolved with more scheduling options, and the ability to control the design of your blog post layout, withand even more is to come in the next few months. The core of the Digesto solution is the same: a very simple tool that connects your blog feed

Overcoming the Hurdles of a Virtual Team

Catherine Champoux

With technology revolutionizing everything we do in our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that our jobs are becoming more and more virtual. The need to be physically present to accomplish a task has greatly decreased. Just think about how you used to shop, pay your bills or catch up with loved ones 20 years ago. Now think about how you accomplish all these things today. I’m sure you will find that a lot of those tasks have gone from physically going somewhere and speaking to someone to simply doing them online. The same can be said of global teams. There

What’s New in Marketo’s January Release?

Alexandre Pauly

Image Credit: If you are a Marketo user, you likely received an email from Cheryl Chavez, Senior Director of Product Management at Marketo, promoting all the good things to come during the first month of 2015. With the release scheduled for later this week, we’ve broken down the new features, and what this means for your marketing team in the new year. While there are several technical enhancements that will expand the possibilities of the tool, one of the biggest announcements is something even the most beginner-level user can appreciate. Responsive Landing Page is the BIG thing. Notably, responsive

Creating a Marketing Attribution System

Josh Hill

image via the new york times Marketing attribution is a frequently discussed topic among marketing automation professionals and vendors. Yet, few firms have achieved an attribution system that takes into account touches, offers, and sources. This post is a follow up to the Offer Channel Method, showing you a blueprint for building one version of this system. Keep in mind this is a checklist, involving a lot of critical thinking, consensus, and input from members of your team. Getting to a closed loop attribution system takes time, so do not expect to get through all 12 steps in one day,

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