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Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Holiday Campaign a Success

Amanda Scigaj

With Thanksgiving and it’s odious amounts of Turkey behind us, it’s time to focus on Holiday Email Marketing. Perhaps your team has already started designing your message – it’s a great way to touch base with your database, and possibly reconnect with folks that you haven’t interacted with in some time. There are a few blunders to avoid – below are some tips and tricks to get your email message on the right track and ensure it’s a success – not something that’s joked about later.   Do: Personalize to speak to your various audiences It’s best to make sure

How to Migrate from a Smaller Marketing Automation Tool

Amanda Scigaj

Your business is outgrowing your current tools and it is a good problem to have. After countless sales pitches and conference calls, your organization has decided to upgrade to a larger and more robust marketing automation (MA) tool. Granted, it can be an arduous and lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to mean 70 hour weeks – if you plan ahead and consider certain aspects. Whether you are moving from a homegrown database or a smaller marketing tool to a more powerful solution that grows with your firm, there are many tasks to consider. In my experience as a consultant,

On to New Challenges

Josh Hill

Back in March 2014, I joined the fine (and small) team at Perkuto to help launch the latest Marketing Automation Agency. Since then, we’ve doubled in staff and gained dozens of clients. Joining Perkuto was a great decision where I was able to learn from the one and only Alexandre Pelletier, as well as help shape the development of our methodology and train a new generation of marketing automation experts. Working with a team of consultants allowed me to learn more and work on more interesting projects than as a solo freelancer. One of those projects led to the Offer-Channel

How to Manage Marketing Automation Like a Project

Catherine Champoux

Congratulations! You are now a marketing automation administrator or power user. Now that you have the best tool for sending email and managing leads, where do you begin? Do you set up lead scoring first? Lead management? How do you get that webinar going before the 21st? Running a marketing automation platform is a big job and one you need to do well in order to generate revenue. But where do you begin making sense of everything you need to do? There’s so much to create, schedule, validate, send, measure… It can be easy to lose perspective of everything that’s

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