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9 Tips for Planning a Marketing Automation Launch

Josh Hill

I recently collaborated with fellow Marketo Launchpoint partner, RingLead, on the Newcomer’s Guide to Marketing Automation. In this ebook, we described some of the lessons we learned while deploying marketing automation over the past few years. Since adoption of marketing automation is still taking off around the world (91% of MAP buyers were evaluating for the first time in 2013, according to Software Advice), there is still much to do before you implement your first system, or even a company’s first system. The most important advice I can offer you right now is to think through the implications of everything

-The Complete Guide to Marketo Icons -

Josh Hill

I am delighted to offer The Complete Guide to Marketo Icons today. The Guide is completely free and available in two formats: PDF and Slideshare. One of the reasons I wrote the Marketing Rockstar’s Guide to Marketo was to fill a need for this kind of basic reference material. Until today, however, the Icon Guide was left out of the original Guide. Thanks to help from Alexandre Pauly here at Perkuto, I was able to complete the list today. What You Will Find Inside Inside you’ll find a table of icons and a definition with helpful explanations. The more obscure icons

Perkuto Launches Digesto to Automate RSS-to-Email for Marketo Customers

Alexandre Pelletier

The Perkuto Team is excited to launch our new product, Digesto. Digesto converts RSS feeds into Marketo emails, fulfilling the promise of completely automated and metrics driven lead engagement. The corporate blog has long been a staple of a successful content marketing plan, and with Digesto, Marketo users can expand the reach of their corporate blog while fully integrating content engagement metrics into Marketo. “In the past, Marketo users needed an external email platform to manage automated RSS-to-Email campaigns. These platforms did not integrate engagement data into Marketo, creating a challenge for marketers looking for closed-loop reporting,” said Josh Hill, our

Perkuto Launches Marketo RSS-to-Email Tool While Saving the World at the Marketo Summit

Alexandre Pelletier

The Perkuto team is excited to be at next week’s Marketo Summit starting on April 8. We will be at the Expo the entire show. You will spot us in our sustainable t-shirts: grey, Canadian made with recycled cotton. At this year’s Summit, we have a gigantic announcement that will save you hundreds of hours this year. Before we get to that, I want to share with you how we practice our values. Whenever I go to a trade show like this, I always end up with 5 extra pounds of promotional materials and 10 pounds of free pens and

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