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How to Manage Marketing Automation Like a Project

Catherine Champoux

Congratulations! You are now a marketing automation administrator or power user. Now that you have the best tool for sending email and managing leads, where do you begin? Do you set up lead scoring first? Lead management? How do you get that webinar going before the 21st? Running a marketing automation platform is a big job and one you need to do well in order to generate revenue. But where do you begin making sense of everything you need to do? There’s so much to create, schedule, validate, send, measure… It can be easy to lose perspective of everything that’s

How to Buy the Right Marketing Tools for You – Don’t Buy the Monorail

Amanda Scigaj

Revered animated sitcom The Simpsons is back in the news lately, due to the rollout of the Simpsons World app. I recently re-watched one of my personal favorite episodes; ‘Marge vs the Monorail’. After coming into a financial windfall, the town of Springfield must decide what to do with their newfound funds. Marge, the practical voice of reason, suggests filling in potholes on main street. However, out-of-town salesman Lyle Lanley convinces the town (through song and dance) to buy a monorail for the town. This shiny, new fangled system ends up being a disaster; the townspeople saved only by Homer’s

Subscription Management Basics at the Los Angeles Marketo User Group Oct 22

Josh Hill

On October 22, I was delighted to co-lead the first Marketo Virtual User Group with my co-leader Madhu Gulati. Since Los Angeles is a large area with lots of traffic, we thought it would be great to offer everyone the LA area a chance to learn about one of my favorite topics, Subscription Management. I will summarize our presentation and I invite you to the next LA Virtual User Group on December 4 (registration page will be up soon). Subscription Management is a replacement for the standard “unsubscribe page” that is required by most jurisdictions, and in the United States

Becoming a Marketing Automation Expert

Josh Hill

It’s been four years since I first switched on Marketo and transformed my understanding of what was possible in B2B marketing. Since then, I have worked with many firms to help them implement Marketo. Very few of my clients started out as marketing automation experts. They were marketing experts and they wanted to use Marketo to accomplish a marketing goal, such as obtaining more leads or minting more marketing qualified leads (MQLs). This experience of training so many teams led me to think about “Who is a marketing automation expert?” What are those key skills that help a marketer build

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