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A Marketing Attribution Model that Works for Marketing Automation

Josh Hill

The past few months we have been working with the team at PerfectoMobile to help take advantage of everything Marketo has to offer. One key project goal was to conduct multi-touch attribution without Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Explorer. The team at Perfecto wanted to know why leads responded to an offer and where they came in from to be able to measure marketing offer and channel effectiveness. A few of the key questions posed included: Did that newsletter sponsorship generate better webinar attendance than our benchmark? How much did that cost? Did a particular tactic lead to revenue and did that

The Complete Marketing Automation RFP Guide

Josh Hill

It’s been just over two years since I first posted my Marketing Automation Vendor RFP process. Since then, marketing automation continues to evolve and more and more companies are joining up. What I see in the marketplace, however, is that many of the new users are not fully prepared. One of my personal missions is to make sure you are prepared for your marketing automation system. The best way to prepare is to follow the RFP (request for proposal) process and plan ahead. Just as your prospects go through 60% of the buying process before they call you, expect to do

Five Tips For Giving Access to the Marketo Calendar

Amanda Scigaj

  This summer, Marketo released the long awaited Marketing Calendar. As of this week, however, you can only assign five users to access the Calendar. Who should receive this license, and what can they do with it? We’ve outlined five suggestions to leverage this valuable tool 1. Review User Access to Marketo Before you assign a Calendar License, take the time to review who has access to what in your Marketo instance. If you are an Administrator, navigate to the Admin section and click on Users & Roles to see who has access to the specific sections of your database. Do you have an intern

9 Tips for Planning a Marketing Automation Launch

Josh Hill

I recently collaborated with fellow Marketo Launchpoint partner, RingLead, on the Newcomer’s Guide to Marketing Automation. In this ebook, we described some of the lessons we learned while deploying marketing automation over the past few years. Since adoption of marketing automation is still taking off around the world (91% of MAP buyers were evaluating for the first time in 2013, according to Software Advice), there is still much to do before you implement your first system, or even a company’s first system. The most important advice I can offer you right now is to think through the implications of everything

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