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Better Workplace for Better Customer Experience

We believe in providing a stimulating and fun work environment. Happy employees mean happy customers. Work/life balance matters at Perkuto. We also believe in personal growth and skill development. We encourage employees to acquire new certifications, take courses and deepen their skillset. The more knowledge our team has, the more knowledge we can share with our clients. We believe that if our employees can grow and have fun at work while helping our clients succeed, we have achieved our goals!

Better workplace


Co-founded in 2013 by Marketo Veteran Alex Pelletier, and Youcef Bouayad, a seasoned Process optimization Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Perkuto has quickly grown to a company of over 30 employees. With a longstanding connection to Marketo – Alex was customer #163 back in 2008 – Marketo consulting and services are at the cornerstone of the company. The idea behind Perkuto is to bring a solid structure and the methodology of Lean Six Sigma into sales and marketing processes to optimize marketing operations.

CEO of Perkuto Alexandre Pelletier and COO of Perkuto Youcef Bouayad

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the Perkuto team is located throughout North America and India. Even though we are located in Canada, 80% of our clients are US-based. The Perkuto team operates remotely, and is often brought on-site to hold client workshops and training.

Fun Fact: Marketo is actually one of our clients. We deliver projects on their behalf when they need specific expertise or additional capacity.

What Does Perkuto Mean?

Maestro orchestra

We hear this question quite often. The name Perkuto comes from the Esperanto language. It means percussion. We have been inspired by the music theme, as it strongly correlates with how we operate at Perkuto. We have developed our B.E.A.T. methodology to guide the way we work. Like the percussion section in an orchestra, sales and marketing provide the rhythm for their organization. In order to play percussion instruments, you need to provide an impact. When you put all of the pieces together: we help sales and marketing executives delivering impactful results.

Perkuto helps you add value and make an impact. We’d love to speak with you about how we can help your team.

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