Our B.E.A.T Methodology

At Perkuto, we leverage Lean Six Sigma principles for both managing the flow of a project internally amongst team members, and externally with our clients. We believe in being ahead. As a result of this, we developed the B.E.A.T methodology to insure that we consistently deliver the highest level of excellence throughout the course of a project.

Perkuto's B.E.A.T. Methodology

What is the Perkuto B.E.A.T methodology?

The B.E.A.T methodology is a framework to deliver projects and engage with our clients. Having a methodology in place allows us to set expectations for all parties involved in a project or task. The B.E.A.T methodology is our standard of excellence that guarantees the quality of our work and our clients satisfaction from the pre-sale process through to final project delivery.


Understanding the B.E.A.T. rhythm.

Benchmark - Perkuto starts by discussing your needs


During kick off meeting and initial interactions with our clients, we ask important questions and truly get to know how your team operates. By understanding your existing processes, successes and challenges, we can identify where we can help add value to your team.
The benchmark phase includes:

  • Discovery meetings and introductions
  • Documentation of current state, team structure and other important details
  • Obtaining access to your Marketo instance, CRM and other tools in your MarTech stack
  • Review of processes and how work will be managed
Engineer - Perkuto designs the best solution for clients


The next step in the process is to design the solution. We work closely with our clients during this phase so that requirements are clear, leaving no stone unturned. During the engineering phase, Perkuto’s solutions architects and consultants work with your team to:

  • Gather project-specific details through requirements calls
  • Document approach and program design
  • Obtaining access to your Marketo instance, CRM and other tools in your MarTech stack
  • Validate the approach with the client, approve the documentation
  • Define metrics to measure success
Activate - Perkuto builds and test the project


At this stage in the project, we build and test the programs, assets and other components of your project to ensure information is flowing properly and that the solution operates as expected.
The activate step includes:

  • Deliver the project as planned
  • Build and implement custom solutions
  • Configure tools and systems
  • Test the program and document results
  • Conduct UAT with the client, provide results from internal QA
  • Launch campaigns and programs for clients
Thrive - Perkuto offers training and knowledge transfer to clients on the projects we deliver


We want our clients to succeed. Training and knowledge transfer are an integral part of our delivery process. We want you to understand how the solution works, why it was designed a certain way, as well as how to use and maintain. We review the goals to determine the success of the project that was delivered.
During the Thrive step, we will:

  • Conduct training and knowledge transfer sessions
  • Help with change management
  • Configure tools and systems
  • Measure ROI of the project

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