SCORE Architecture

Ready-to-use, best practice Marketo framework.


Just as a conductor uses a score to direct the performance of an ensemble, Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture empowers you to lead with confidence, knowing you have a solid Marketo foundation and a fast-track for success.

Our ready-to-use SCORE Architecture ensures your Marketo framework is:

Your structure is designed for the needs of the future, not just today. Modifying programs, adding product lines, or increasing data flows are easily accomplished
All program parts work together as a whole and a comprehensive logic is apparent throughout. Intelligent retries and safety nets enable problems to fix themselves.
Every aspect— from naming conventions to descriptions to tokenization— considers user convenience and the need for speed.
Your Marketo instance is designed for performance, even with heavy loads and changing conditions. No more email misfires, missing sales alerts, or sync errors.
Stop reinventing the wheel; ready-to-use, pre-tested programs are customized for your specific needs, maximizing your resources while accelerating your impact.

Pre-Built, Pre-Tested Marketing Operations Programs

Build a world-class marketing operations framework in less time and with the added assurance every program works.

Best-Practice Marketo Framework

Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture is based on proven best practices in over 1,500 Marketo instances and consists of pre-built and pre-tested programs covering core marketing operations functionalities.

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Reporting & Analytics

Optimize your marketing campaigns with best practices Marketo analytics.

Programs include:

  • Lead Source Tracking
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
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Demand Generation

Capture interest, engage prospects, and accelerate your sales pipeline.

Programs include:

  • Contact Form Program
  • Email and Landing Page Templates
  • Email Blast Program
  • Gated Content Program
  • Lead Nurturing Program
  • Live Event Program
  • Tradeshow Program
  • Webinar Program
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Lead Management

Qualify prospects for a successful handoff to sales.

Programs include:

  • Lead Lifecycle
  • Lead Scoring
  • Subscription Center Creation & Configuration
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Data & Systems

The foundation of marketing operations. Build a solid Marketo infrastructure and integrate Marketo with your CRM.

Programs include:

  • CRM Integration – Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Data Quality
  • Website and Email Integration
  • Marketo Admin Set-up and Organization
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Proven to Work. Guaranteed.

I worked closely with the Perkuto team on not only cleaning up our Marketo instance but on implementing our GDPR compliant subscription center for all of our marketing programs. I truly don’t know if I could have pulled off the implementation of that program without the help of Perkuto.
– Ryan M, Sales Development Lead, as reviewed on G2 

Perkuto is the #1 most and highest rated Marketo agency on G2, with an impressive 4.7/5 overall rating—  you can feel confident that you are working with the best, most-recognized Marketo partner in the entire industry. Additionally, all SCORE Architecture programs are backed by the industry’s only error-free or it’s free guarantee, so you never have to worry about coding errors or faulty program design.

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