Advantages of an agency

Is your main Marketo user leaving your organization?

Do you need an extra set of hands to help with monthly marketing automation tasks?

Need some help setting up your marketing automation system?

These are just a few of the reasons why you need a marketing automation consultant. Perkuto is a marketing automation agency made up of a team of certified experts that can help you with everything from the initial setup of a marketing automation system, to offering advice and guidance to companies that have been running marketing automation programs for years.

Internal vs. External Marketing Automation Management

Marketing automation is an ever-changing and rapidly growing space that can be difficult to keep up to when also trying to manage the day to day operations of your business.

When managing marketing automation activities internally, you:

May miss out on due to the level of experience available when it comes to your team’s familiarity with marketing automation systems.

Risk the chance of your marketing automation power user leaving the organization – therefore, leaving your team with a knowledge gap.


By hiring a marketing automation agency, you can:

Extend the knowledge of your team by harnessing the experience of a dedicated team of consultants that live and breathe marketing automation.

Get started on the right foot, helping to smooth the transition into using marketing automation tools.


Benefits of Using a Marketing Automation Agency

The benefits of using a marketing automation agency are endless:

Extend the capacity of your team with Perkuto

Extend the capacity of your team

Mitigate risks of employee turnover with Perkuto

Mitigate risks associated with employee turnover

Marketo Focused

Get your marketing automation systems up and running in less time

Marketo Api integration

Ensure data flows between multiple systems with API integrations

Stay up to date on Marketo with Perkuto

Get the latest know-how on Marketo features and releases from seasoned experts

Resources to help maximize your Marketo usage

Availability of resources and experience to help you optimize processes and reduce wasted time


What Types of Companies Use Marketing Automation Consultants?

Companies across multiple industries and of all sizes can benefit from marketing automation consultants. At Perkuto, we work with companies ranging in size from small startups to multinational enterprises, and from a diverse set of industries, including:





Non profit


Web Service











Retail (B2C)

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