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Combating MOPS Crisis Fatigue: The 7 Types of Rest We Need

By Sarah Frazier

Call it “Jumanji of 2020” or whatever you want, but the past few months have been...really weird. To say it’s been a lot of pressure for marketers is an understatement. Truth is, many of us are feeling what’s called “Crisis Fatigue.” If you’re feeling tired or just plain worn out and sleep alone isn’t doing the trick, give yourself some grace. Understand there’s a legitimate reason and you may be due for some rest...7 kinds of rest to be exact.… READ MORE >

Perkuto certifié comme l’un des Meilleurs Lieux de Travail au Québec

Perkuto, spécialiste de Marketo Engage pour les entreprises, a été récompensée pour ses efforts en milieu de travail grâce à la certification Meilleurs Lieux de Travail Québec (Great Place to Work® Quebec). Avec la conviction que des employés heureux offrent un meilleur service aux clients et contribuent à un meilleur climat d’entreprise, Perkuto a toujours mis l'accent sur l’équilibre travail-famille et s’efforce de favoriser un environnement de travail sain. Pour être éligibles à cette distinction, les entreprises doivent être bien classées en crédibilité, respect, équité, fierté et collaboration par leurs employés.… READ MORE >

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Perkuto Certified As A Great Place To Work® In Quebec

Perkuto, provider of Marketo Engage solutions for enterprise organizations, has been recognized for its efforts in the workplace with a Great Place to Work® Quebec certification honor. With the firm belief that happy employees provide better support to customers and make for an all-around better business, Perkuto has always emphasized a healthy work-life balance since its origin and continues to foster a healthy work environment. To be eligible for this esteemed certification, companies must be ranked highly in credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie by their employees.… READ MORE >

Centralization vs. Decentralization: Why You Need A Hybrid Model More Now Than Ever

By Alex Pelletier

Becoming familiar with frequent shifts has been one of the only constants of late. Almost 50% of marketing teams reported that they changed tactics amidst the pandemic, highlighting the importance of the ability to move quickly. Put in the context of the ongoing “centralization v. decentralization” back and forth, there’s no clear answer...and that’s because elements of both are needed. In fact, operations with a hybrid of these models are best equipped to swiftly adjust their sails to changing winds, without capsizing the ship in the process.… READ MORE >

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