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Our strategic insights are driven by the challenges we hear directly from the MOPS community including:

  • Accessing best practices
  • Scaling marketing operations
  • Advancing MarTech expertise
  • Managing change
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How Perkuto Helped a High-Growth FinTech Company Fully Leverage Their Marketo Investment

By Lindsay DiLemmo

Imagine you’ve recently made the investment in a professional camera. One with all the bells and whistles - optical zoom lens, sensors, and other features you’re still getting the gist of. Sure, this all sounds great, but what would be even better is if you actually knew how to fully leverage the camera. Knowing how to utilize its features to perfe...

What is Marketing Operations?

By Lindsay DiLemmo

Today, we’re diving into marketing operations - from reviewing the basics and highlighting the most effective tools you’ll use to implementation strategies at your organization, this blog will serve as your guide to marketing operations. Grab your coffee and notepad, and let’s get started!

What Makes Perkuto a Better Workplace?

By Pria Bhatt

Day in and day out, we have the privilege of meeting incredible talent to add to our ever-growing team. From finding a match in values and culture to ensuring the candidate’s long-term career ambitions are aligned with the growth opportunities available, everything comes down to one core belief: creating a better workplace.

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