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Top Marketo Agency Perkuto Announces Workato Automation League Gold Partner Status

Perkuto Expands Marketing Automation Consulting to Include Workflow Automation Services Montreal, Quebec—May 18, 2021— Perkuto, a top provider of Marketo-centric solutions for enterprise organizations, today announced the expansion of services to include a Workato automation practice. Perkuto’s partnership with Workato, the leading integration-led

What Warren Buffett Would Say About Marketo Value Realization

By Sarah Frazier

All marketing operations professionals know the investment they’ve made in Marketo is just a starting point. There’s always more to learn, more tech to integrate with Marketo, more ways to realize untapped gains-- more investing to uncover value. In this final post in our Marketo Value Realization series, we cover effective change management commun...

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Change Management and Project Management: Why You Need Both

By Sarah Frazier

From a new Marketo project to shoring up your marketing operations processes, every initiative involves change. And somebody has to keep both the project pacing accordingly and the people moving forward appropriately to deliver change successfully. Hence, enter the need for project management and change management— they go hand-in-hand. Otherwise,...

3 Things Every Marketer Must Do to Achieve Marketo Value Realization

By Sarah Frazier

We won’t lie; the Definition stage is time-consuming and one of the most involved phases of our Marketo Value Realization cycle. All the planning and decisions about how your solution will be designed and built are made in this stage. What are the three most important things you should do to get more value from Marketo faster?

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