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Private University Surpassed Goal by 20% through Segmentation in Marketo

By Lindsay DiLemmo

When Perkuto stepped in, the university was on its sixth annual giving day. Historically, they had worked with a third-party vendor but adopted Marketo in 2020 to supercharge their marketing efforts. When Perkuto evaluated the university’s Marketo Instance, they noticed that the university was using nested smart lists from 2021. By not operating ac...

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How to Build a Marketo Framework Designed to Scale

By Lindsay DiLemmo

58% plan on increasing their utilization of Marketo in the following year, yet 32% struggle with measuring work efficiency. So, how can Marketo experts increase their Marketo utilization in a way that’s both efficient and effective? If you guessed frameworks, you’re right on target.   Building a Marketo framework is the most efficient way to scale...

Three Ways to Lead a Top Performing Marketing Operations Team into the Future

By Lindsay DiLemmo

The definition of a top-performing marketing operations team varies from organization to organization based on factors like team structure, company size, and specific needs. This may lead you to wonder: how do I know if my team is top-performing? What KPIs are top-performing teams looking at, and what goals should we work towards?

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