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Comparing Marketing Automation Platforms: Pardot vs. Marketo

A marketing automation platform is a big investment, not only in the software cost but the time and resources an organization will put into the implementation and ongoing maintenance, not to mention whether or not its performance will meet your expectations. Choosing wisely from the start can save you time, frustration, and a potential migration to...

4 Adjustments Marketing Operations Must Make For 2021

By Alex Pelletier

Call it our “new normal” or call it a time of opportunity, but the bottom line is 2020 has changed how we must operate. Not all organizations (or marketing operations leaders) will survive; the companies who are achieving profitable growth are the ones challenging the status quo and adapting their marketing operations to changing business condition...

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8 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Platforms Can Fail Marketers

By Sarah Frazier

A desire to be more relevant— segmenting communications and delivering highly personalized customer experiences. A need to better utilize staff resources— gaining efficiencies by moving from manual processes to automated ones. These are all driving motivators for adopting a marketing automation platform (MAP), yet some marketers are highly successf...

How to Avoid Unexpected Costs with Your Marketing Automation Platform

The business case for marketing automation is compelling— save time, qualify leads, build sales pipeline, and transition away from manual processes to automated ones— all to help your organization grow and scale. But buyer beware...sometimes the costs presented during the sales courtship are a bit different once the honeymoon is over. How can you a...

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