Bizible Kick Start

Bizible takes the guess work out of optimization, attribution and return-on-ad-spend. Get full transparency into each marketing channel and see how each contributes to revenue with multi-touch attribution. After just a month, average customer sees a 48% increase in projected ROI.

Benefit from Perkuto’s experience when implementing Bizible and integrating it with Marketo. Our team of certified experts will work with you to gather requirements, define a plan and document the entire process as part of our Bizible Kick Start service.

Our Bizible Kick Start Program:

As part of our Bizible Kick Start, we will work with your team to:

  • Define lead source taxonomy and document solution 
  • Complete the SFDC installation
  • Deploy Bizible
  • Create Bizible custom channel rules
  • Configure basic dashboards and reports
  • Basic training on Bizible touchpoints
  • Test and validate


The benefits of working with Perkuto to get up and running with Bizible include:

  • Enhanced lead source tracking and expert advice on running Bizible
  • Improved reporting and understanding of program performance from a multi-touch perspective.
  • Funnel velocity and lead source impact on revenue
  • Leverage an experienced resource to reduce implementation time and errors
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