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Automate business processes across your organization.

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Automation Strategies and Workflow Services

Let Perkuto’s team of Workato experts integrate your various systems to create workflows that span multiple tools, and automate manual processes.

With more than 8,000 marketing-related tools in the MarTech landscape, most organizations use technology extensively but don’t realize the full benefits of integrating it. According to the Workfront 2020 Global Marketing Report, 56% of marketers are still using disintegrated systems, and on average, use eight different tools to manage various aspects of their work.

Perkuto is proud to be a Workato gold partner, providing holistic automation strategies and workflow services.

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Business Process Automation

Automate business processes to eliminate redundant manual efforts.

Save time by automating everyday processes: updating your CRM, creating alerts and Slack messages, cleansing and enriching data, and more.

Data Integration Services

Integrate all your different tools, eliminate data silos, and activate data across other systems.

Connected tools reduce manual processes and inefficiencies while enabling a more targeted and relevant customer experience.

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Data Warehouse & Data Lakes

Compile customer data from disparate sources into a single database, to create a holistic customer view.

The business possibilities are unlimited— custom attribution models, funnel analysis, return on investment analysis, and more.

Discuss your Vision

The biggest roadblock of automation is knowing where to start. Book a no-obligation discovery call to begin building your roadmap towards a more efficient and unified workflow.