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Better templates make better (and easier!) emails and landing pages.

Impress your audience with new email and landing page templates, professionally designed and tested. All Perkuto templates for Marketo are easy to use, customizable and are responsive across devices. Using these templates, you can:

  • Improve target performance with better design and a responsive experience
  • Save time by providing your marketing team with flexible, easy to use templates
  • Avoid errors and increase quality by restricted editable elements


Great for a newsletter, Allegro offers multiple sections, CTA buttons, and placeholders for hero shots.

Email 2.0

Allegro - Marketo Email 2.0 Template

Landing Page

Allegro - Marketo Email 2.0 Template


The Concerto template works well for webinars and events, with placeholders for speakers photos & titles, and multiple locations.

Email 2.0

Concerto - Marketo Email 2.0 Template

Landing Page

Concerto - Marketo Landing Page Template


Stretto includes text over a large main background image, a unique feature for emails. Perfect for downloads, drive to web, and other calls to action.

Email 2.0

Stretto - Marketo Email 2.0 Template

Landing Page

Stretto - Marketo Landing Page Template


Legato includes text over a large main background image. Perfect for downloads, drive to web, and other calls to action.

Email 2.0

Legato - Marketo Email 2.0 Template

Landing Page

Legato - Marketo Landing Page Template


Gruppetto is an accessible email design to enable easy content interaction. Features of this template include a full-width banner, call to action button, and images optimized for varying screen sizes.

Email 2.0

Gruppetto - Marketo Email 2.0 Template

Landing Page

Gruppetto - Marketo Landing Page Template

Main Features

  • Responsive
  • Cross email client / browser compatibility
  • Documentation included
  • Marketo Email editor 2.0 ready, including modules, variables and editable zones


Marketing automation platform: Marketo – Email Editor 2.0
Email Clients Compatibility: Compatible with every available tests in Email on Acid, view the list here:
Platform Features: Modules (add, remove, duplicate, move up, move down *for email only): Header with logo, Full-width banner image, Title, Subtitle, Text, CTA button, 1 column align left, 1 column centered, 2 columns with text & image, 3 columns with text & image, Footer with social media icons, address, copyright and links.
Customization via variables: Section background color, Link color, Font color (title, subtitle, text), Font size (title, subtitle, text), Font family, Button color, Button label, Button link.
Editable zones: Every element of the email or landing page template can be edited via a Marketo editable zone.
Layout: 1 column, 2 columns and 3 columns.
Coding Technique: For email: Responsive; also compatible with new Gmail media queries support.
For landing page: Latest Bootstrap open source toolkit.
Width: Email: Desktop: between 600px and 750px (depending on the template), Mobile: responsive.
For landing page: Stretches to fit any screen size.
Accessibility: Email: All email recipients will be able to access your message. This includes those with disabilities (like blindness) or those who use assistive technologies (like screen readers).
Support: Support is not included with purchase of our templates. Our templates are guaranteed to be bug free, but if you need help with anything else please contact us for a support plan.

Our Marketo templates are offered as part of our marketing operations consulting services.

Let our experienced Marketo consultants work with you and your team to develop a roadmap, increase your efficiency and improve your department’s performance. Let’s get the conversation started!

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