Reporting & Analytics Architecture

Optimize your marketing campaigns with best practices Marketo analytics.


You’ve run your campaigns, now it’s time to measure the results and demonstrate the impact on your bottom line.

Effective marketing measurement continues to be a challenge for most B2B marketers. In fact, 58% of marketers surveyed said their current ability to measure and analyze marketing performance “needs improvement or worse.” Let Perkuto assist with your Marketo reporting and analytics challenges.

SCORE Architecture: Marketo Reporting & Analytics Programs

Introducing Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture: built from proven marketing operations (MOPS) best practices, our Marketo reporting and analytics programs are designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your Marketo campaigns and communicate your marketing success with confidence.

All Marketo analytics and reporting programs are pre-tested, fully customizable, and may be purchased separately or are designed to complement any of our other SCORE Architecture programs. Additionally, design documentation and a QA grid are included with every program.

Buy with confidence: all programs are backed by our Error-Free or It’s Free guarantee.

Our Marketo Reporting & Analytics programs include:

Lead Source Tracking

Perkuto will help you create the structure inside Marketo to track first, conversion, and most recent touchpoints, capture explicit and implicit source data, and assign a lead source. This process enables you to connect lead acquisition efforts to bottom-line results, which then allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Perkuto will help you identify your program strategy, track online and offline channels, sub-channels, and offers. From this, you’ll gain a better understanding of which marketing activities are influencing your pipeline and revenue.

Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture and the Marketo Analytics and Reporting programs provide the foundational best-practices to support your organization now, and as you grow. You’ll gain not only a reliable marketing operations infrastructure, but peace of mind. Be confident in your programs; all SCORE Architecture programs also come with the industry’s only Error-Free or It’s Free guarantee.

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