Multi-Solution Account Plan

Ramp-up your sales across Adobe Experience Cloud.

Multi-solution customers are happier, more likely to refer business to Adobe, spend more with Adobe over time, and have much less renewal risk.

Make 2020 your best year yet.

Introducing the MAP program, designed to provide Adobe AEs with knowledgeable resources to help you craft and execute on multi-solution account strategies.

Using a collaborative panel approach, Perkuto and ICF Next will work alongside you to:

  • Help identify account-specific business challenges that can be solved using Adobe technologies.
  • Define and recommend a multi-solution approach with achievable milestones and business impact benchmarks along the way.
  • Help craft collateral (i.e. Spark Page) that outlines an account-specific, multi-solution journey.
  • Explore our respective networks to identify potential champions in the account.
  • Help execute the outreach plan.

Let’s get the conversation started; book a time with our teams now: