Managed Services for Marketo

Expand your team’s capacity.

Are you looking to quickly expand your team’s capacity while enhancing the overall effectiveness of your marketing operations? If so, Perkuto’s Concierge Services may be right for you.

Whether you need an extra hand to help you power through your busiest times or want Marketo-certified advice on optimizing your campaign performance, Perkuto’s Concierge Services will allow you get the most out of your Marketo investment and achieve your business goals.

Add Marketo muscle without adding headcount.

With Perkuto’s Concierge Services, you’ll be more confident in your marketing operations and can quickly add speed and Marketo expertise to your team.

With our Concierge Services, you will:

  • Respond more effectively to peak periods by expanding your capacity with certified Marketo expert consultants
  • Reduce the risk of campaign errors by implementing templates and best practices
  • Increase the productivity and output of your marketing operations
  • Gain access to shared knowledge and proper documentation
  • Improve campaign performance with better design and responsive Marketo templates
  • Take advantage of the real-world advice, strategic expertise and seasoned opinions formed via working with hundreds of clients
  • Eliminate downtime from employee turnover

Choose the service level that’s right for you.

Perkuto’s Marketo Concierge Services are available in three different packages, each priced quarterly.

Concierge Essentials

With Concierge Essentials, Perkuto will provide Marketo consulting services focused on building and executing flexible and scalable demand generation for your marketing operations team, leveraging best practice Perkuto templates.

Concierge Insights

If you’re interested in building and executing custom, scalable demand generation programs, Concierge Insights is the right level for you. With Concierge Insights, Perkuto will perform custom Marketo consulting services, providing fundamental database management and strategic guidance to establish a solid Marketo infrastructure foundation.

Concierge Complete

Imagine the impact if you had virtual access to Marketo experts anytime you needed them. Perkuto’s Concierge Complete will provide you with just this experience, building a custom roadmap for your sales and marketing organizations. From program design and building to testing, launching and reporting, we’ll work with you to optimize business processes and tools and build an analytic framework so that you have a clear picture of how marketing is contributing to revenue.

Ready to get started? Contact us to discuss your needs and timelines.