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  • Do you know how close—or how far—your current marketing practices are from being GDPR ready?
  • Frustrated by trying to become a GDPR “expert” in all your spare time?
  • Willing to bet your job that your marketing operations will withstand GDPR scrutiny?

Ensuring that your data is GDPR compliant can feel like an overwhelming, even unsurmountable endeavor—especially when you still have revenue goals to meet, campaigns to execute and marketing operations to run. Let Perkuto help alleviate your GDPR compliance stress—take advantage of our expert GDPR services designed to help align your marketing processes and programs with GDPR requirements so that you can focus on tackling business as usual.

GDPR in a Nutshell: What it is and Why You Should Care About It

Aimed at giving EU citizens greater control over their data and personal privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation is legislation that becomes enforceable beginning May 25, 2018. Simply stated, if your business markets to, does business with, or simply stores or processes the personal or business information of EU residents, you are subject to GDPR requirements regardless of your location.

So why isn’t everyone freaking out about this? We think it’s partly because they simply don’t realize the huge, lasting impact it could have on their businesses. Just because your organization is based in the US, Canada or outside the EU doesn’t mean you’ll be immune—and the penalties for non-compliance are harsh, reaching a maximum of 20 million Euro or 4% of global revenues, whichever is higher, not to mention the loss of valuable consumer trust and the hit to your reputation.

GDPR Marketing Readiness Assessment

What exact steps will your business need to take to get your marketing systems and technologies ready for GDPR? How close (or far) are you from being prepared for compliance? Where do potential vulnerabilities and risks exist? If you’re like most marketers, when it comes to GDPR you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Perkuto’s GDPR Marketing Readiness Assessment team will perform a comprehensive analysis of your marketing processes, analyzing your current lead database, forms and subscription center, to ensure proper data points are collected. We’ll also review your data processing activities, determining how they align with GDPR requirements, as well as all the vendors that are processing your data. Finally, we’ll evaluate your current marketing data, processes and practices and present the results of our findings in a written report that pinpoints where you stand now and the steps you’ll need to take to meet the obligations of GDPR.

How far are your marketing programs from meeting GDPR consent and accountability standards? Don’t wait for the penalties; get in touch today for an assessment.

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GDPR Preparedness Implementation

Once you know how your systems and processes compare to GDPR requirements, implementing adjustments into your programs and creative assets are the next steps. But things like building a compliant subscription and data consent center, determining the best CTA language for new opt-in requirements and building all of the operational programs to accommodate consumer rights’ outlined in the GDPR can add an enormous amount of extra work to an already busy schedule. And unless you want to become a GDPR expert in your spare time, you’re still risking falling short on compliance details.

Perkuto’s GDPR Preparedness Implementation services team takes the items from our Readiness Assessment and puts them into action. From creating subscription centers that meet GDPR standards to analyzing and assisting with database cleanup to building programs that comply with GDPR access rights, we have the expertise necessary to position your organization’s email marketing and data collection practices to withstand the most stringent GDPR scrutiny.

Prepare thoroughly. Market fearlessly. Take smart steps to keep your data and your company safe. Get a quote on our GDPR Readiness programs.

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