Demand Generation Architecture

Capture interest, engage prospects, and accelerate your sales pipeline.


70% of marketers say their demand gen budgets will increase. And for good reason.

Done properly, a good demand generation strategy increases awareness of your business and accelerates your sales pipeline. Each demand generation tactic is a touchpoint in your customer’s journey; once a lead is in Marketo, using effective nurturing techniques helps to advance the prospect from a lead to an opportunity.

See how Perkuto helped Mendix lift MQL to opportunity rate from 2% to 20%:

Imagine what you could do with our best practice demand generation programs.

SCORE Architecture: Demand Generation Programs

Introducing Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture: built from proven marketing operations (MOPS) best practices, to accelerate your results. Our demand generation programs are designed to help you create the Marketo infrastructure to track visitor behavior, convert visitors into known leads, then nurture them in your sales funnel.

All demand generation programs are pre-tested, fully customizable, and may be purchased separately or are designed to complement other SCORE Architecture programs. Additionally, design documentation and a QA grid are included with every program.

Buy with confidence: all programs are backed by our Error-Free or It’s Free guarantee.

Our demand generation programs include:

Contact Form Program

Our contact form program helps you track web form submissions with up to 20 fields, send an auto-responder message in Marketo, plus alert your sales/marketing team of the activity, for seamless and timely follow-up.

Email and Landing Page Templates

Perkuto’s professionally designed master Marketo templates are specifically designed for Marketo Email Editor 2.0 and are web-compliant, with responsive design for mobile and desktop viewing and browser compatibility, so your team can deploy beautiful easy-to-use templates.

Email Blast Program

Perkuto will assist with building a one-time email program fully tokenized with smart campaigns to track status, so you can improve lead engagement and quality as well as gain insight from advanced reporting.

Gated Content Program

Perkuto will help you implement a program template for tracking gated content downloads and sending an auto-responder in Marketo, so you’ll know who’s downloading your assets in real-time.

Lead Nurturing

Perkuto will help you build a Marketo engagement program with three streams for early, mid, and late-stage prospects, so you can generate more qualified leads and keep them engaged.

Live Event Program

Perkuto will work with you to implement a fully tokenized best-practice program for hosted events such as roadshows, dinners, and receptions, including smart campaigns to send reminder emails and track attendee status, enhancing the experience for your guests.

Tradeshow Program

Perkuto will help you create a structured process for uploading tradeshow data, so you can easily identify hot prospects who visited your booth.

Webinar Program

Perkuto will help you build a fully tokenized best-practice template for executing webinars in Marketo, including smart campaigns to send invites, reminders, and follow-up emails, allowing you to seamlessly connect Marketo to your webinar event partner as well as enhance the user experience.

An effective demand generation strategy can give your organization a competitive edge. Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture and demand generation programs allow you to prioritize your time and provide the foundational marketing operations (MOPS) best-practices to support your organization now, and as you grow. You’ll gain not only a reliable MOPS infrastructure but peace of mind. Be confident in your programs; all SCORE Architecture programs come with the industry’s only Error-Free or It’s Free guarantee.

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