Data Management & System Integration

Build a solid Marketo infrastructure and integrate Marketo with your CRM.


How you collect, analyze, and make sense of your data is at the core of marketing operations. A solid Marketo infrastructure will set you up for success; a reliable and bi-directional Marketo integration with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you achieve your desired business outcomes.

SCORE Architecture: Data Management & System Integration

Introducing Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture: built from proven marketing operations (MOPS) best practices, our data management and system integration programs are designed to help you put the proper Marketo infrastructure in place and build a strong Marketo integration with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Perkuto’s data management and system integration programs ensure you have a reliable and efficient Marketo foundation, from which you can build and grow. All Marketo best practices programs are pre-tested, fully customizable, and may be purchased separately or are designed to complement any of our other SCORE Architecture programs. Additionally, design documentation and a QA grid are included with every program.

Buy with confidence: all programs are backed by our Error-Free or It’s Free guarantee.

Our data management and systems integration programs include:

CRM Integration – Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics

Perkuto’s integration support includes a data dictionary of field mappings, global control of lead flow, daily automated reports, and complete documentation. As a result, you’ll be able to segment, target, and personalize your communications based on CRM data, plus feel confident in your Marketo integration with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Data Quality

Perkuto will normalize data values, help you segment by a standardized job role, create a bounce directory, and automate marketable records segmentation. This process improves the health of your database and allows you to accurately target your audience.

Website and Email Integration

Perkuto will prepare the documents to update your DNS records, assist with email and landing page configuration, and provide Munchkin code guidance so you know your leads are captured and tracked accurately.

Marketo Admin Set-up and Organization

Perkuto will help you configure admin and security settings, implement a folder structure based on Marketo best practices, and provide custom and pre-tested documentation and training. Let Perkuto save you from future headaches by ensuring your instance is established properly, from day one.

Marketo Training – Best Practices

Perkuto will provide your users with an accelerated path to Marketo mastery with a focused two-day course designed to provide the most essential knowledge and promote learning through hands-on experience. This training will give your users a clear understanding of the Marketo platform and equip them to perform standard marketing activities while following best practices.

Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture provides the foundational Marketo best-practices to support your organization now and as you grow. You’ll gain not only a reliable infrastructure but peace of mind—  all programs come with the industry’s only Error-Free or It’s Free guarantee.

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