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Make a better impression with Perkuto’s professionally designed responsive emails and landing pages for Marketo.

Marketo Template Packages

Using your design assets and branding guide, our experienced designers will work with you to create templates that:

Responsive capabilities with Marketo templates by Perkuto

Improve campaign performance with better design and responsive assets

Save time building with Marketo templates by Perkuto

Save time and improve efficiency with reusable, flexible and easy to use templates

Marketo Focused

Impress your audience and avoid design mistakes with professionally created templates

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Marketo template packages include:

Marketo templates by Perkuto

Marketo Email 1.0 to Email 2.0 Template Migration

Marketo’s redesigned email editor (commonly known as Email 2.0) is easier to use and better than ever! A well-designed Email 2.0 template can handle your different types of emails – promotions, fulfillment, newsletters, etc – to provide consistency and better responsiveness across multiple email clients, browsers and devices.

This service includes: 

  • Audit of email 1.0 templates and emails
  • Convert templates from Email 1.0 to Email 2.0 (enable modules and variables)
  • Email 2.0 feature activation
  • Email approvals and error validations
  • Email 2.0 training session

Example of a Perkuto designed and built Email 2.0 Template

Upgrade your Marketo emails to Email 2.0 today with Perkuto!

Custom Creative Services

Perkuto’s Custom Design Services can help if you have a large volume of templates, specific requirements to be fulfilled and validated with an eye toward design or migrate from other platforms.

What’s in it for you:

Email 2.0 – Concerto by Perkuto

Concerto - Marketo Email 2.0 Template

Guided Landing page – Concerto by Perkuto

Concerto - Landing Page Template

Check out some samples of our work

View samples of our work     Purchase Marketo Templates

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