Bizible Service Offerings

Prove contribution to revenue.

Uncover complex data insights and make better budget decisions with revenue attribution.

Understanding the impact of your marketing efforts is challenging. In fact, 6 out of 10 marketers struggle with measuring and analyzing the performance of their marketing efforts. An advanced attribution tool like Bizible can provide the insights you need, enable more informed budget decisions and help prove the influence marketing has on the bottom line.

Implementing Bizible is the first step towards performance-based decisions, but it’s what happens after the implementation that really matters. How you take action on all of the valuable data that Bizible provides will ultimately determine the success of your investment.

Let Perkuto help you define what it means for your business to “get the most” out of your Bizible investment. As a Bizible Platinum Partner, our expert consultants are ready to work with you to determine your organization’s needs, prioritize your goals and optimize your Bizible implementation so you can turn data into insights and action.

Bizible Accelerator

For companies that need assistance “translating” Bizible data into action, Perkuto offers the Bizible Accelerator package. Our consultants will work with your team to uncover the complex questions that your business is facing today, and will create Bizible reports to provide answers to those questions. We’ll also provide insights into what the data means, tapping into our industry knowledge to help give context to what you’re seeing and giving you the tools you need to decipher the data for yourself. The easy-to-understand, easy-to-share reports and data strategies we implement will accelerate your learning curve, allowing you to immediately achieve value and reap long-term benefits from your Bizible investment.

Want a head start on getting the most from your Bizible investment? Learn more about our Bizible Accelerator package.


Bizible Impact Concierge

A fully-customizable package, Perkuto’s Bizible Impact Concierge package is designed to help you develop an action plan that’s tailor-made for what matters to your business. We’ll audit your current Bizible configuration, data and processes and will create a custom roadmap that identifies your priorities. From auditing your current Bizible configuration, processes and data to customizing CRM reporting and identifying and translating trends and key insights, we’ll help ensure your data is trustworthy and is able to tell you its story. And if we find technical, process or data issues in your attribution systems? We’ll develop a plan to fix them, then make it happen.

Need help developing a strategic plan of action for your Bizible data? Find out more about our Bizible Impact Concierge package.