The Automation Movement is Here

Reshaping work with intelligent automation.

The Progression of Automation

Marketing Automation

In the beginning, there were tasks— email marketing led to nurturing campaigns. And nurturing led to lead scoring followed by tracking the lead lifecycle, and the progression continued. Platforms, like Marketo, simplified the process and enabled new marketing capabilities. And organizations saw that marketing automation was good.

Data / Tool / System Integration

As technology exploded and new apps emerged, marketers realized that disparate systems and data silos were preventing holistic customer views, personalized experiences, and ROI analysis. And so began the pursuit of data and system integration, and business process automation. And marketers saw that this too, was good.

Eliminating Redundancies

Organizational drag— the structures and processes that consume valuable time— is slowing growth and decreasing employee satisfaction. In an era where marketing operations is overwhelmed by requests and tight on resources, the need for efficiency has never been greater.

The Automation Movement is here— and the impact is substantial.

Marketo Services

Add Marketo muscle without adding headcount.

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Workato Services

Reduce redundancies by automating tasks.

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Campaign Execution

Remove the manual work in Marketo campaign execution.

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Advancing Your Capabilities with Automation

Automation isn’t a replacement for human work; rather, automation is a means for improving it. Just as marketing automation impacted the future of marketing, automation, too, changed how organizations view and orchestrate workflows.

The Automation Movement is here— and Perkuto is ready to help your organization leverage it fully.