CEO of Perkuto Alexandre Pelletier and COO of Perkuto Youcef Bouayad
Our co-founders, Alex and Youcef, started Perkuto with one goal in mind of creating a great place to work. Our motto is a better workplace for better customer experience. We are passionate about this and are building the company every day with this in mind.

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Meet a Marketing agency with a mission. Perkuto has assembled an uber-talented team of certified marketing automation consultants and process optimization experts who eat, sleep and breathe marketing results. We enable Sales and Marketing professionals to qualify the right lead, at the right time with the right offer and with the only result that counts — increased revenue. With an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) over 50, Perkuto’s employees feel that it is an awesome place to work!

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At the core of our company, Perkuto employees live their lives by the Perkuto values. An ambitious team of go-getters, we strive to create a positive IMPACT on your organization. Learn how we make an I.M.PA.C.T. on our clients.

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Don’t see the job you’re looking for? No one knows more than Perkuto that everyone is unique. So we’ve changed up our hiring process. We like to hire smart people first and then work together to define the perfect job if it’s not already in our job openings. Send your resume, we might just call you!

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Perkuto helps you add value and make an impact. We’d love to speak with you about how we can help your team.

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