By now you’ve heard the big news: Adobe is acquiring Marketo to the tune of $4.75 billion. And as Scott Brinker says, this is a huge vote of confidence for the martech industry in general, as it shows that one of the major players in the tech industry sees it as having the potential for even more growth.

Now that the initial surprise has passed, it makes sense to take a few moments to reflect on what this acquisition means for the people involved in these two industries. In other words, what should marketers expect to change (and prepare for) when two of the biggest powerhouses in the worlds of marketing automation and customer experience combine forces? Here’s what I predict:

The lines between martech and adtech will get even blurrier: The convergence between martech and adtech has been happening and Adobe’s acquisition will speed this adoption. If you want to remain not just relevant but in high demand, you’ll need to ensure that you can fluently speak both languages. It’s great if you’ve got a proven track record of optimizing and deploying high-converting email campaigns to targeted customers, but you’ll need to be willing to learn the ins and outs of buying ads on SERPs and working with demand-side platforms.

Now is the time to start brushing up on your adtech knowledge.

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