Image Credit: If you are a Marketo user, you likely received an email from Cheryl Chavez, Senior Director of Product Management at Marketo, promoting all the good things to come during the first month of 2015. With the release scheduled for later this week, we’ve broken down the new features, and what this means for your marketing team in the new year. While there are several technical enhancements that will expand the possibilities of the tool, one of the biggest announcements is something even the most beginner-level user can appreciate.

Responsive Landing Page is the BIG thing.

Notably, responsive landing pages have been hotly anticipated for a long time by many Marketo users.. This will allow your landing page designs to be mobile-friendly quickly and easily. With this new feature, create your landing page as usual and then you’ll have that new tab that is mobile. You can also enable your previous templates to become mobile-friendly. To learn more, check out this Marketo video to have a quick look at this new feature. You can demonstrate the new responsive features to colleagues by using  Quirktools to do responsive screen testing.

New REST API functions for the developers

Marketo REST API is a connector tool reserved for developers that allows manipulations of leads, list and campaign data stored within Marketo. In the January release, three new functions have been implemented to offer more functionality for custom work:

  • Delete Leads
  • Get Leads by Program Id
  • Get Deleted Leads
  • A new option to sync leads faster than a current API call

Email Scripting Custom Object Support.

Beginning with the January release, you can now access data from custom objects within the Account object, in addition to the Contact and Lead object with email scripts.  Email scripting is a way to pull more granular data from your databases, and push them into emails, allowing for more targeted messaging to your current and potential customers. An example of the Email Scripting being able to provide a list of events a lead has attended during a year and get direct feedback on them within an email. 

 While this is a more technical process than the drag and drop of tokens, Marketo outlines the process on the Marketo Developer Blog.

Real-Time Personalizations (RTP) Enhancements.

If you have the this Marketo feature enabled, you can now remarket on Google and Facebook people that have already visited your website. This kind of information will help optimize the allocation of your advertising budget. The RTP Tag, which is placed at the top of page’s header has been updated and expanded to be given the following options:.

  • CDN and Asynchronous (Recommended tag)
  • CDN and Synchronous (High Speed)
  • Asynchronous tag without CDN
  • Synchronous tag without CDN

If you’re interested in learning more about Real-Time Personalization, the most complete information can be found in the RTP user manual from Marketo, or check out this presentation from the 2014 Summit. Every month, we will review the new improvements from Marketo and discuss them here in our blog. What are you most curious about in the January 2015 release?