Since marketing automation is a fairly new industry, and qualified and available experts are rare, we decided to take matters in our own hands and built an extensive Marketo training program for young marketing professionals. We call it the “Marketo Crescendo program”. A “crescendo” is a gradual increase in intensity in a piece of music.

The objective was to teach them how to implement Marketo, streamline sales and marketing processes and optimize lead generation programs based on our project methodology and values. The first class of our Crescendo Marketo Consultants will graduate in Q1 2016, with the objective for them to then obtain Marketo Certification.

Our way of delivering Marketo training is based on a few major concepts: Share the same vocabulary, use the right process, and based on that develop your skills. A 90 days period is, most of the time, enough to feel comfortable with Marketo. Comfortable meaning, consultants will be able to create recurrent marketing tactics without damaging data integrity and operational programs.

Since every good house needs a solid foundation, our Crescendos spent the beginning of the program reading all the documentation Marketo created for their users. The definitive guides are a great start to learn the Marketo vocabulary (smart campaigns, programs, channels, etc.) and get a good understanding of what can and cannot be achieved. Only now that we are all speaking the same language they are ready to dive into our core processes and project methodology.

The Crescendo training program consists of bootcamps with role playing of consultancy session, shadowing consultants during client calls, general discussions with architects/consultants on their readings or builds, and Quality Assurance on active projects at a certain level of expertise. Once they get Marketo certified and are used to working with Marketo processes and other consultants, they become consultants themselves. After going through the training program, they will be well prepared to face any Marketo challenges. So remember, if you hit the wall or need advice from Marketo experts, Perkuto has a growing team that can help you tackle any marketing automation challenges.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing our Crescendo team on the blog – Stay tuned!

Interested in joining the next cohort? Contact us for more information.