Welcome to the beginning of summer, loyal readers! In this issue, we’ll talk about building a data-driven culture, will explain how embracing machine learning may make your life easier, will discover why marketers must up their game when it comes to personalization and will challenge your business to take the customer experience test.

And now, without further ado, it’s time for this week’s news.

How CMOs can build a data-driven culture

Want to build a data-driven culture throughout your organization? Be prepared to lead by example, says Accenture Senior Managing Director Laura Gurski in an interview with MarTech Advisor. Gurski suggests that tomorrow’s market leaders are those businesses that “accept the efforts of consumers to shape their own brand experiences,” continually engaging with consumers and building ever-updating consumer profiles that go above capturing what action a consumer took into understanding why they took that action.

How can your business transform from B2C to B2Me? Check out Gurski’s interview for several examples of small businesses that have skyrocketed past established players to disrupt industries and get some ideas for your own marketing programs.

The secret to an easier marketing life? Machine learning

What if you could predict customer churn before it happened, and take steps to stop it? And what if you could do a really good job of suggesting products that your customers would probably really like, based on products that they’ve purchased in the past? Would that make your marketing efforts better and your marketing life easier? I bet so. And according to Valeryia Shchutskaya in Business.com, these are just a few of the benefits marketers can gain from deploying machine learning solutions within the organization.

More than just chatbots and digital assistants, one of machine learning’s biggest strengths is its capability to analyze large amounts of data in a short time, recognizing patterns and trends where human minds can’t. Read all the ways that machine learning can have a positive impact on your marketing efforts here.

Going beyond the basic with intelligent personalization

Dear [first name] no longer cuts it when it comes to personalization; in fact, eConsultancy reports that only 8% of consumers are encouraged to interact with a brand that addresses them by first name and a mere 7% can be enticed by a birthday-themed email. Clearly, it’s time to step up your personalization game if you haven’t already.

Elements like dynamic content can make the difference between a personalization effort that creates conversions and one that falls flat. eConsultancy points out that, when relevant and effectively used, data points like purchase history, preferences and even the weather can drive people to browse and buy, making one-to-one marketing a reality. Learn more intelligent personalization tips here.

How does your biz score on the CX test?

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of customers will share a positive customer experience with six or more people. Are you giving your customers something good to talk about? According to Jamie Lowary in Business.com, if you can’t reply to these customer experience questions with a positive answer, you may want to rethink the way you’re treating one of your company’s most valuable assets.

For example: Have you mapped out your customer journey? If you haven’t, that’s an issue in its own right that needs to be addressed. And if you have, how many steps does it take for them to accomplish their goal, whether it be to get information, make a purchase or get support? The easier you can make your customer’s journey, the better their overall experience. Put your own business to the test here.