Another happy Saturday to you! Today, we’ll talk about how CMOs can better focus on what really matters, will explore the steps necessary to providing a stellar CX experience, will learn why our email marketing may benefit from a bit of a “personal” touch and will check out some of the year’s most interesting stats on data-driven marketing.

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What CMOs need? Focus

According to Thomas Barta in Forbes, a recent CMO survey that he and marketing professor Patrick Barwise conducted revealed that only 60% of CMOs are able to focus on their top priorities, likely due to heavy workloads. But what do you do if you find yourself in this position and want to do a better job of honing in on what matters? One tip Barta suggests is to let go of many of the details, instead taking a bigger picture view and empowering your team to make smart decisions on day-to-day problems. As you take on larger teams, only delegating tasks will allow you the time you need to focus on the bigger goals and increase your productivity and value. Real all of Barta’s tips here.

Checking all the customer experience boxes

It’s no secret that delivering a great customer experience to each customer is imperative to your business’ success. After all, getting CX right means reaping the rewards of higher revenue, happier customers, decreased churn and even more delighted employees. But falling short or overlooking just a single CX element can make the difference between an experience that wows customers and one that underwhelms.

Having a checklist handy can help ensure you don’t miss a beat, and that’s just what Will Lavender has provided in AdNews—an 8-point list for enhancing the customer experience. From designing a thoughtful customer journey to delivering an engaging onboarding experience and planning for proactive care and follow up, Lavender’s steps are a great framework for creating effective CX programs.

Bring trust back to email marketing

As marketers, we understand the value of email campaigns to reach our customers. But as customers, we understand that sometimes, enough is enough: we’re receiving far too many emails from a brand, or the content in them is irrelevant to our needs, or it’s too salesy and pushy. And to ensure that we aren’t guilty as marketers of doing the things that drive us crazy as customers, it’s important that we occasionally step back and take a fresh look at our email marketing. Dennis Shiao suggests in CMSWire that some of our time would be well spent treating/thinking of our email marketing campaigns more as old-school personal e-newsletters than slick marketing pieces, as a way to help reconnect with customers and regain lost trust.

For example, Shiao challenges marketers to rethink their email’s mission—and instead of focusing on getting clicks on and leads, looking at it as an opportunity to truly connect with the reader, creating brand affinity, satisfaction and even joy. Certainly, the metrics you’ll measure will change, but the way that customers feel about your brand will likely shift as well.

25 Data-driven marketing in 2018

More than two-thirds (68%) of marketers surveyed said that improving ROI measurability was their number one goal for a data management strategy. Nearly half (44%) assert that increasing revenue due to marketing is their top goal. And 52% of consumers (and 65% of B2B buyers) report that they’re likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications to them. These are just three of the 25 data-driven marketing stats collected by Larisa Bedgood in Business2Community. Whether you’re looking for a few numbers to help convince the boss of your next initiative or just want to confirm your feelings about the growing importance of data to marketing, you’ll probably find at least one statistic that interests you.


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