Good morning, readers. In this week’s issue of the Mélange, we’ll discuss why it’s important to focus on the underlying humanity when stepping up our customer experience efforts, will explain why we’ll all want to befriend the new marketing data scientist in the office (if we can find one!), will talk about how to ensure we’re getting the most out of our marketing automation platform and will give you the inside scoop on how you can win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS’ worth of consulting, courtesy of the fine folks right here at Perkuto.

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Embrace humanity in your CX efforts

Want your business to create better customer experiences so that you can surprise and delight your customers and enjoy all of the benefits that come as a result? Refocus on what’s most important, suggests Bruce Temkin in DestinationCRM, which is our collective humanity. While it’s tempting to look at business “through a lens or technology or process” Temkin warns, “those are just conduits to the ultimate objective: people.” Only by focusing on people’s innate needs and behaviors will you’ll be able to create meaningful connections.

For example, Temkin suggests spending energy on cultivating deep empathy within your organization, so that your employees are empowered to put customers’ needs first. By proactively uncovering and aiming to satisfy your team’s needs as humans rather than treating them like rational robots, your business will be going a long way toward breaking the status quo and group think that can allow less-than-stellar CX practices to continue. Read the rest of Temkin’s take on the topic here.

Marketers, meet your new office BFF: the marketing data scientist

Most marketers agree that having access to lots of relevant marketing data is a good thing, and having access to sophisticated analytics tools is an even better thing. But you know what would make things completely amazing? If there was someone in our office who was using machine learning, predictive modeling, algorithms, AI and other tools to better understand our data, pointing out trends and insights that our analytics just can’t see. And according to Jonathan Crowl in the Content Standard, this person exists: s/he’s called a marketing data scientist.

Able to drive ROI on everything from content planning to social media, marketing data scientists bridge the gap between high-powered data driven insights and the people who are able to take the information and act on it, turning it into a new approach to marketing.

Ready to hire your own marketing data scientist? Not so fast! Demand is high and supply is low, so you may have to wait a while before you can bring someone in-house. But (shameless plug here) a consulting firm like Perkuto can help augment your team with qualified, talented marketing data scientists and other experts to help ensure you don’t fall too far behind, so get in touch if you need us.

Making the most of your MAP

You did your research, met with vendors, purchased and installed your marketing automation platform (MAP) and now everything is integrated and running. That’s great! But are you getting all of the value you can out of your investment, or do you have the sneaking suspicion that it could be doing more? If you’re like many marketers, it’s the latter—and MarTech Advisor’s Chitra Iyer has some advice.

First, avoid the trap many marketers fall into of thinking that email marketing equals automated marketing. Certainly, email is a large part of marketing automation, but it is still just a part! Additionally, approach your MAP setup in a way that avoids marketing silos, so that you are able to gain visibility on campaigns and ROI across the brand. Read all of Iyer’s tips here.

Win $10K worth of marketing consulting from Perkuto

Yes, you read that right. No, that’s not a typo. And admittedly, as the father of young children I may be slightly sleep deprived but I can assure you that has nothing to do with our decision to give away $10,000 in Perkuto consulting to one lucky winner at the Marketo Summit. It’s the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done and probably one of the biggest that the Summit has ever seen!

What would you do if you won? Help your biz get ready for GDPR? Finally get around to that custom nurturing project? Or something else completely? With $10K, you’d have 40 hours of Perkuto’s expert time to make it happen.

Interested? Find out more here, then stop by our booth (#441) at the Summit to enter the giveaway sweepstakes. And good luck!


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