Good morning, loyal readers. In this edition of the Mélange, we’ll discover how your martech salary compares to others in the industry, will explore a few tips to avoid getting burned out when you’re surrounded by the latest and greatest in marketing technology, will talk about the potential dangers of dark martech and will learn about ways to improve the overall customer experience. And as always, if you have a news item or tip you want to share, please get in touch.

How does your martech salary stack up?

Looking for more information to support your request for a raise or a promotion? Here you go: Earlier this week, MarTech Today and released the results of their survey of 432 marketing technology practitioners. Interesting findings include that nearly half of respondents have been promoted within the past year, showing that martech and operations have a relatively fast career trajectory, and average US total compensation ranges from $64K to $310K annually. Check out more report highlights, then download the entire (gated) report.

And if you’re interested in more salary info, head on over to Marketing Rockstar Guides and read Josh Hill’s latest updated on marketing automation salaries; lots of insights there, too. 

CMOs: Avoiding martech burnout

If you’re like many marketing directors and CMOs, there’s no shortage of marketing technology that promises to solve problems you didn’t even realize were problems. So how do you avoid the analysis paralysis that can come with being surrounding by too much competing information and too many choices? According to Amber Kemmis in Chief Marketer, there are a few ways to avoid martech burnout. One suggestion is to creative definitive start and stop cycles, evaluating potential technology against your goals during set time frames. Another is to compare any technology to your objectives and strategic goals—and any technology that doesn’t support that roadmap is considered interesting but unnecessary and set aside. Read all of Kemmis’ tips here.

The perils of dark martech: Proceed with caution

Are you considering using your own proprietary marketing tools or technology (e.g. “dark martech”) to power your marketing operations in lieu of relying on third-party solutions? If so, you may want to think again. According to results from a recent survey by eConsultancy, while this practice is growing, it comes with some big challenges—namely, the platform’s efficacy and its inability to easily integrate with other systems. The survey also notes that the top-performing companies avoided dark martech altogether and instead opted for an integrated marketing solution from a single provider. Check out other survey highlights at eConsultancy.

Improving your customer experience programs

Whether you’re interested in getting a head start on issues before they turn into problems or want tips on getting the most value out of a comprehensive customer experience audit, Dom Nicastro’s piece in CMSWire provides actionable tips from CX experts on optimizing your customer experience programs. For example, are you currently performing internal surveys of employees? As a “treasure trove” of customer data, it’s important that you collect their experiences with customers, both positive and negative, to capture information you’d otherwise never know. Read all of the tips here.


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