Happy March! This Saturday, we’ll talk about what it takes to create a successful demand generation funnel, will explore ABM workflows that lead to high-value accounts, will learn why one UK author thinks that GDPR will ultimately be good for online advertising and will uncover the seven mistakes that can derail your customer engagement efforts.

As usual, if you have a news item or tip you want to share, please get in touch. And now, without further ado, here’s this week’s news:

Creating a successful B2B demand generation funnel

According to Vanessa King in Customer Think, the secret to creating a demand generation funnel for your B2B company that will ultimately drive interest in your products/services and deliver qualified leads to your sales team is to give all of your aggressive marketing tactics the boot. In fact, some of the tried-and-true things that we learned back in the day—including lessons about ad frequency—may be actively working against us! Instead, focus on providing prospects with something of real value with no strings attached. And think about your demand generation content as appointments, as it will help you keep your communication efforts in the proper context . Read all of King’s tips here.

Account-based marketing (ABM) workflows that will land high-value accounts

Looking to pursue high-value accounts with laser-like focus? Author John Stevens in AdWeek has an idea on how to make it happen: combine account-based marketing, along with automated workflows and ultra-savvy social media usage to pinpoint the exact folks you want to target. In his piece, Stevens gives six specific workflows that spell out, step-by-step, the exact tools you need and actions you need to take to get to the data and outcomes you want. But he also cautions that this process is one that requires patience, paying dividends over time, not overnight. Happy targeting, smart marketers!

GDPR will be awesome for online advertising

As many marketers look ahead at the looming GDPR deadline with trepidation, at least one believes that GDPR regulations will ultimately be a boost for online advertising. Writing in MarTech Today, UK-based author Grace Kaye takes a contrarian view on GDPR, insisting that it will strengthen online advertising by allowing people who do share their personally identifiable information to feel more comfortable giving info that is thorough and accurate. Kaye also asserts that after an initial (and overdue) cleanup of GDPR data vendors who are noncompliant, the remaining vendors and data will be of much higher quality.

Certainly, GDPR will go a long way toward creating greater transparency and trust between marketers and consumers and between brands and their customers. But do you agree with Kaye’s assertion? And will the quality of the data you have access to be enough to make up for the decrease in quantity?

The 7 mistakes that can tank your customer engagement efforts

Are you still thinking about reaching customers via channels instead of touchpoints? Does your attribution strategy give all (or the majority) of the weight of the sale to the first or last touch? These are just two of the seven mistakes that can throw your entire customer engagement strategy into a tailspin, says author Patrick Tripp in MarTech Advisor. Find out the other missteps Tripp suggests avoiding so you can continue meeting customer expectations and enhance your long-term marketing efforts.


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