T’was the night before Marketo, and I could sleep not.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a bot.


Munchkin code was placed on the website with care,

In hopes that users would soon be there.


My teammates were excited as was I,

To see our org grow and our leads multiply.


So I in my office and the team on Zoom,

We wrapped up our planning and chatter resumed.


When all of a sudden, there arose inbound,

Member1 – member2 – ah engagement, what a sweet sound!


Alerts were working, and nurturing kicked in.

Data enrichment, scoring…let the lead lifecycle begin!


From MQL to SQL, and opportunities too,

To pipeline contribution, and impact on revenue!


Away to the dashboard, I flew oh so fast,

Comparing to my budget and early forecast.


When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but ROI!

Bottom-line profit was so very near.


I knew in a moment, Marketo was it.

Marketing automation– the perfect fit!


Happy holidays to our marketing operations community. May 2021 bring you good health, happiness, and marketing predictability.