Distributing your blog content by email is a great way repurpose your content, generate leads, and ultimately convert more visitors into followers of your brand and products. Turning a blog feed into a good looking email can be challenging for a couple of reasons:

  • The content available is based on RSS/Atom feeds, and RSS/Atom feeds rely on standards – and standards are made to be broken.
  • The images passed to your feed are formatted primarily for web browsers, ignoring the specifics and complexity of the many email clients out there. And not all of them use common logic in the way they handle image formatting. So yes, on that note, Outlook was likely built by Martians.

With the latest release of Digesto, our “RSS to email for Marketo” solution has taken a leap ahead in providing full control of feed images formatting. Here is how it works. Example: Perkuto Blog Digest Feed Image

How it works

When new blog content is published, Digesto will extract the content and images from your feed and transform it based on your preferences and design settings. It will then use the Marketo API to parse the newly created “email friendly” content into a Marketo email and send it out to your subscribers…automatically. To overcome the “broken standards” and “web formatting” challenges, images are extracted by our RSS to Email solution, either from the blog article itself or by using images available in a feed as enclosures. Image formatting is then stripped out and our app gives you the control to alter both the content and image formatting using the Digest Designer before it’s passed to Marketo.

Isn’t that beautiful? To learn more about the mechanics behind this or to discover new features from the latest Digesto release, visit our Spring 2015 Release Notes. Not using Digesto yet? Take a Free Trial