We all know that we should be leveraging a framework to simplify our marketing operations processes, but the problem is that most of us don’t know where to start.

Developing and implementing processes can be challenging and time-consuming – that’s why we’ve developed our SCORE architecture, consisting of 16 different frameworks.

SCORE is an acronym representing the essential elements of any framework:

  • Scalable
  • Cohesive
  • Organized
  • Reliable
  • Efficient

We’ve had so much interest in SCORE, so we thought a blog would hit the mark.

That said, the real goal of this blog is to inspire you to create your own documentation and frameworks. This way, you can have ready-to-use, pre-tested, and proven-to-work Marketo architecture that will save your marketing operations team time while eliminating guesswork.

Here’s an analogy to get your wheels turning:

Just as a conductor uses a score to direct the performance of an ensemble, Perkuto’s SCORE Architecture empowers you to lead with confidence.

After speaking with countless marketing operations leaders, we learned that having confidence in their strategy is a top priority. This means having a solid Marketo foundation that can guarantee fast-track success. Let’s call this scalable marketing operations.

Yes, you can and should absolutely be documenting your approach to building Marketo architecture. So if you plan to tackle this yourself, take these steps:

  1. Consider all approaches to the build
  2. Create detailed documentation on the chosen approach
  3. Build your approach in the production environment
  4. Perform vigorous QA
  5. Finally, push it live!

How many times have you pushed a program live only to discover there is a mistake?

A MOOps, as Marketing Ops describes, is a marketing operations mistake. They happen more often than you think, from small to large mistakes.

💡 Did you know? Marketing Ops hosts a podcast called “MOOPs TV,” where Mike Rizzo and Jessica Meyers interview marketing operations professionals on their marketing operations mistakes. Learn more!

You can probably imagine it would take years and tens (or even hundreds) of programs to determine the best practices and eliminate any risk. In other words, without an extensive history of working in Marketo, it might be tough to formulate a pre-tested framework design to accelerate your marketing operations, right?

Using a framework for success, like our SCORE architecture, is the hero of marketing operations for a few reasons:

  1. Provides a strong foundation to build and grow upon
  2. Reduces execution time
  3. Cost-effective

The best part is that you don’t have to perform trial and error for countless program builds before nailing down best practices. SCORE architecture covers many core functional areas within marketing operations, including:

Let’s run through each of these functional needs.

Data management and system integration

As you know, data and systems are the foundation of marketing operations.

You’ll want to leverage a framework to build a solid Marketo infrastructure and integrate Marketo with your CRM. To do this, four different SCORE modules to consider are:

  1. CRM integration (Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics)
  2. Data quality
  3. Website and email integration
  4. Marketo admin set-up and organization

Lead management

How should you qualify prospects for a successful handoff to sales?

Three different SCORE modules to consider are:

  1. Lead lifecycle
  2. Lead scoring
  3. Subscription center creation and configuration

Demand generation

How can you capture interest, engage prospects, and accelerate your sales pipeline?

We have several SCORE modules for demand generation including the following programs and templates:

  1. Contact form
  2. Email blast
  3. Gated content
  4. Lead nurturing
  5. Live event
  6. Tradeshow
  7. Webinar
  8. Email and landing page templates

Reporting and analytics

How can you best optimize your marketing campaign with best practices in Marketo analytics?

This is where our SCORE modules for lead source tracking and multi-touch attribution come into play. As you can see, there is a great amount of opportunity here.

All of the SCORE architecture programs are pre-tested, quality-assured, and may be customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization, providing a cost-effective and quicker-to-implement option for your organization. Click To Tweet

SCORE modules may be purchased individually or as a package. Users are able to select from more than 16 SCORE architecture modules.

Each module comes with the pre-built architecture – we call this a technical design document (TDD) – and a bank of consulting hours to help you with any customizations specific to your business and to ensure the implementation is smooth and successful.

We mentioned several SCORE modules already. Let’s dig into the Lead Lifecycle module a bit deeper.

Lead lifecycle module

Perkuto’s lead lifecycle module will enable you to map the prospect lifecycle for marketing and sales, sync to your CRM, create sales alerts, and generate meaningful reports.

From this, you’ll gain critical insights into your sales pipeline and ensure you’re delivering sales-ready leads. So, what exactly do you get?

Well, there is too much to list but here are two examples:

  1. A lifecycle program in Marketo that tracks leads from initial acquisition to becoming a customer
  2. A set of reports in the CRM providing insight into volume, conversion, and velocity across the lifecycle

We’d love to share our complete library of SCORE modules (yes, we have a catalog). Just reach out and let us know if there is more interest and we’d be glad to help.

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