Although Perkuto exists as a company since 2013 it was only in 2015 that the decision was made to lease new office space as a result of the amazing growth and transformation that Perkuto has been going through since its inception. Now we are located in an up-and-coming neighbourhood famous for its hipsters and its bagels, a place in constant evolution, much like Perkuto. Recently, on January 28th we organized a Grand Opening event to which we were happy to invite friends and family in order showcase the hard work that was put into designing and personalizing our new home. perkuto-office-opening-partyThe event was a great success, due in part to our outstanding partners: Olive Orange for catering and DJ OneWay who entertained us with his awesome beats but most of all due to the amazing warmth and energy of the Perkuto Management Team. perkuto_olive_orange DJ_OneWay_PerkutoAlex_Pelletier_Youcef_BouayadThe atmosphere was electric and if the pictures are any indication, we think everybody had a great time. perkuto_office_party Perkuto-crescendo_team_Party Perkuto_Crescendos Catherine_Champoux_David_Desrosier Les_Glaceurs_Montreal_Perkuto Justin_Norris_Siddharth_Pandit_Perkuto Rania_Abiziki_Perkuto This Grand Opening event marked a milestone in the evolution of Perkuto. Now we have a home where we can collaborate, create and innovate but most of all a place where we feel part of the family. And as any happy family, we always welcome new additions. Baby_Alexandre Pelletier_Perkuto Baby_Lindsay_Khan_Perkuto Baby_David_Desrosiers_Perkuto For more pictures from the party, visit Perkuto’s Facebook page. I am a newcomer to the Perkuto family but I already feel at home here. I was born In Romania and I came to Canada 10 years ago in search of a better life. I love Montreal for its fun summers, its festivals, and its eclectic groove.

About me

My name is Nicoleta Hera and I’m the Office Manager here at Perkuto. Coming to Perkuto was a big decision for me because I was leaving my comfort zone to come to a young and vibrant company that would challenge me on every front. I never regretted my decision. Now that I am here I thank my lucky star that I made the decision to leave and apply here. Sign up for the Perkuto blog If you want to follow our evolution in the fabulous world of marketing automation!