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Taking It to the Next Level: Perkuto Earns Marketo Platinum Partner Status

Today is a milestone day for Perkuto—we’re delighted to announce that we’ve earned Marketo Platinum Partner status. Here’s what that means:  

  • For our clients: Earning Marketo Platinum Partner status gives Perkuto access to the Marketo Partner Advisory Board, allowing us to represent our clients’ specific technology and business needs and gain insights into the Marketo product roadmap.
  • For prospective clients: Because Marketo awards Platinum Partner status only to those companies that meet the highest revenue, implementation and customer acquisition requirements, organizations looking for Marketo assistance can confidently choose Perkuto. We’re proven yet agile.
  • For Perkuto and Marketo: Having worked together closely for years, all of us at Perkuto are excited to take our partnership with Marketo to the next level. To say that we see this as a “win-win” situation would be an understatement! 

Want to know more details? Feel free to check out our press release or of course, get in touch if you need more info.