SCORE Framework Addresses Needs of Marketo Users

Montreal, Quebec ––October 10, 2019 –– Perkuto, a provider of Marketo-centric solutions for enterprise organizations, released a new marketing operations SCORE methodology to address the core needs of today’s marketing operations professionals— limited time, a shortage of internal Marketo resources and a growing desire to adopt time-tested, proven methodologies. Perkuto’s SCORE approach empowers marketing operations executives to lead with confidence, backed by a solid Marketo foundation and processes proven to work.

The SCORE methodology stems from Perkuto’s exclusive knowledge base and work in over 1,000 Marketo projects and was created to get marketing operations leaders up and running faster, more efficiently, and provide a fast-track for success. Design components of the framework ensure Marketo instances are:

Scalable: A solid MOPS structure designed to take on the needs of the future, not just today. Modifying programs, adding product lines or increasing data flows are easy to do.

Cohesive: All program parts work together as a whole and a comprehensive logic is apparent throughout. Intelligent retries and safety nets enable problems to fix themselves for a very user-friendly experience.

Organized: Every aspect — from naming conventions to descriptions to tokenization — considers user convenience and the need for speed.

Reliable: Marketo instances should be designed for performance, even with heavy loads and changing conditions, minimizing email misfires, missing sales alerts, or sync errors.

Efficient: Ready-to-use, pre-tested solutions are customized for customer needs, maximizing resources while accelerating impact.

“The launch of our SCORE methodology is symbolic of Perkuto’s growth and ongoing commitment to being a resource for marketing operations leaders and leading provider for Marketo Engage services,” said Alexandre Pelletier, CEO of Perkuto. “Our ultimate goal is to help marketers create memorable customer experiences through flawless marketing operations. Our SCORE methodology provides a proven marketing operations foundation, enabling organizations to succeed.”

Perkuto is a recognized Adobe Specialized Partner for Marketo Engage. The introduction of the SCORE methodology follows closely on the heels of newly launched Perkuto Labs, Perkuto’s newest division dedicated to solving complex technology challenges and removing integration barriers with Marketo Engage.