The Perkuto Team is excited to launch our new product, Digesto. Digesto converts RSS feeds into Marketo emails, fulfilling the promise of completely automated and metrics driven lead engagement.

The corporate blog has long been a staple of a successful content marketing plan, and with Digesto, Marketo users can expand the reach of their corporate blog while fully integrating content engagement metrics into Marketo.

“In the past, Marketo users needed an external email platform to manage automated RSS-to-Email campaigns. These platforms did not integrate engagement data into Marketo, creating a challenge for marketers looking for closed-loop reporting,” said Josh Hill, our Marketo Practice Lead.

Digesto - RSS to Email for MarketoMarketers can now seamlessly leverage blog feed content, or any RSS feed, to add content to Marketo email campaigns. Digesto integrates with existing Marketo instances to automatically fetch a blog’s RSS feed and send out posts to the subscriber list. The frequency of emails and selection of content is selected by the subscriber and the marketer.

For content marketers with multiple RSS feeds, Digesto can process emails for each feed or aggregate them into one email digest. Emails are sent out in accordance with the marketer’s existing rules and any local privacy laws placed into Marketo.

“I love our new RSS Newsfeed program developed by Perkuto. It’s great that it’s delivered through Marketo because we have more control.” – Michelle Tiziani, Online Marketing Specialist at Institutional Real Estate

Perkuto was founded to go beyond marketing automation consulting and make a real difference to marketers. With our first product, Digesto, we solve a real pain point for content marketers who use Marketo. It’s easy to setup, highly configurable, and brings in essential lead engagement data.

With Digesto, marketers using Marketo can expect increased content engagement for their blog now that the subscription-to-delivery process is fully automated. Digesto also frees up time marketers previously spent collecting and formatting content for distribution.

Early Digesto user, Adam Waterson is a Marketo Champion and Marketing Technologist at BloomReach, a big data marketing applications company. Adam said, “Digesto is easy to setup and configure. If I want to add a new blog email I can have it setup in under 10 minutes. What I like is that Digesto allows me to have control over the process. I can manipulate the design of the email template myself without relying on design or programming hours.”

Starting today, Digesto is available on Marketo’s Launchpoint marketplace. Learn more about how Perkuto Digesto can save your team time and engage your audience automatically.

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