Anh Ly, who handles marketing operations for Mendix, was having difficulty getting her sales department a lead profile they could use; the feedback she received was that incomplete prospect profiles were hurting sales. “Before working with Perkuto, it felt like drinking out of the firehose,” said Anh. Tackling the rebuild of the company’s lead flow process was not something she was excited to do on her own, so she tapped Perkuto to assist with planning and execution.

Having worked with Perkuto in the past, Anh recommended them to her manager because she knew they were capable of handling Mendix’s challenges. And Perkuto once again rose to meet and exceed Anh’s expectations. “I really like the fact that they’re on top of things — we never have to chase them down for anything,” Anh said. “Perkuto has actually helped us build out a new subscription center, we’ve utilized the creative work from Perkuto, we’ve actually now have implemented the platform Digesto — it just feels like they’re now a part of our company. They take the time to actually know our business, and the questions that they come back with are all relevant to not just the industry but what we’re trying to do as an organization.”


Anh attributed her team’s ability to rework a landing page template in less than a day to Perkuto’s help with the company’s creative, adding that by virtually augmenting her team with Perkuto, her work life has become less stressful. “Perkuto alleviates a lot of stress from my day-to-day. They’ve streamlined a lot of the processes for the marketing ops [department] and they provide me with a team that I currently can’t actually have in the organization.”

Anh shared that Perkuto’s strategies have paid off in terms of quantitative impact to the organization. “They’ve improved our MQL to opportunity rate from two to 20 percent by including a data management process in our lead flow that actually pulls the job title information into the right persona that we’re targeting,” Anh said. “It goes to show that Perkuto actually really thinks through the obstacles that a lot of organizations face in their marketing operations departments and it just speaks for itself.”