As you may remember, our own Michelle Miles was in the news a bit earlier this year when she was named a finalist for the Marketo Revvie Champion of the Year award. Well, it may not surprise you to find out that Michelle and her right-hand gal Sarah Frazier’s hard work on the GDPR content series is getting noticed again—this time by Uberflip in its Content Experience Awards, or EXPYs.

I’m delighted to announce that Perkuto’s GDPR content series is a nominee for Best Marketing Campaign, which is presented to campaigns that “rise above the noise” and are “creative, relevant and cohesive across multiple channels.” From multiple blog posts and eBooks to webinars, toolkits and even a legal guide authored by our own counsel, our team truly pulled out all of the stops to get timely, relevant, actionable content to marketers. And while this was, admittedly, a pretty amazing opportunity for Perkuto’s own sales pipeline, there is no doubt that our entire team found it extremely satisfying to be able to serve the industry, taking a topic that was truly confusing and ambiguous and bringing clarity to it.

There’s no doubt that we’re up against some formidable competitors for the Best Marketing Campaign award—best of luck to you all! We look forward to seeing you in Toronto next month.

<shameless plug> And in the meantime, if you want to check out this amazing GDPR content for yourself, it’s available for you at learn.perkuto.gdpr. </shameless plug>