Continuing on our metaphor of a roadtrip across America, how do you gauge the success of your trip? Some people just want to get to the end, while others savor the journey. Are you looking for experiences along the way, or are you just checking off the number of states you’ve visited?

Do you measure:

  1. Only the starting point of your journey?
  2. Every stop within the journey?
  3. All money spent across the country?
  4. All of the above

The answer depends on how you measure success. You might have gotten more out of some stops than from others. You want to know the total cost of your trip, but you might also want to know the cost of every stop along the way. Or do you just want to know how much it cost of fill up your car at the start of the journey?

It’s a short trip to see how this also works for measuring the success of your marketing engagement programs. Do you measure only the source of the lead or account? Or do you take into account every touch along the customer’s journey?

How Do You Measure Your Success?

Take the Engagement Marketing Maturity Model (EM3), a fast and easy self-assessment to measure your team’s use of different types of marketing technologies. Answer a few questions and discover your level of engagement in five different dimensions, including Marketing’s measurement of success.

EM3 Results are rendered as engagement stages using the acronym PACE:

  • Passive
  • Active
  • Coordinated
  • Engaging

Results also include tips and benefits to increasing your PACE. So set your PACE of engagement marketing. Take the EM3 assessment today!