If you’re a cook or baker – or a Blue Apron aficionado – you have run into those recipes that just don’t quite work for you. You add ingredients and spices to make it taste right, basically throwing in anything in your cabinet to make it better. And it could be that you just don’t have the right ingredients to enhance the flavor.

Most companies use different technologies in their marketing and sales process. You might use a data enrichment tool to fill in the blanks of your prospects’ data, or an attribution program to help determine source information for each touch. And perhaps you’re adding an account based marketing (ABM) or sales enablement tool to your stack, to help in targeted sales and marketing.

These marketing technologies are the ingredients in your MarTech Stack. How do you know if you need that additional flavor?

  1. Leads get lost in the process. Full prospect information helps move a new prospect to the correct segment, channel, and/or region.
  2. Low level of prospect engagement. Better information helps increase engagement via targeted marketing.
  3. No lifecycle reporting. Full multi-touch attribution contributes to lifecycle reporting and helps prove that your marketing works.
  4. Your account targeting is off-target. If your sales team is focused on Named or Targeted Accounts, an ABM tool may be the spice you’re missing.

Do You Have the Right Ingredients in Your MarTech Stack?

Take the Engagement Marketing Maturity Model (EM3), a fast and easy self-assessment to measure your team’s use of different types of marketing technologies. Answer a few questions and discover your level of engagement in five different dimensions.

EM3 Results are rendered as engagement stages using the acronym PACE:

  • Passive
  • Active
  • Coordinated
  • Engaging

Results also include tips and benefits to increasing your PACE. So set your PACE of engagement marketing. Take the EM3 now.