Tap Here for Marketo HelpThe Perkuto team is excited to be at next week’s Marketo Summit starting on April 8. We will be at the Expo the entire show. You will spot us in our sustainable t-shirts: grey, Canadian made with recycled cotton.

At this year’s Summit, we have a gigantic announcement that will save you hundreds of hours this year. Before we get to that, I want to share with you how we practice our values.
Whenever I go to a trade show like this, I always end up with 5 extra pounds of promotional materials and 10 pounds of free pens and branded squeeze balls. Invariably I throw out 98% of the material, adding to landfills or weighing down the plane I take. I shake my head at the waste each show generates and think, “Why do we do this?”

One of our values at Perkuto is to be sustainable. That is why we’re not going to offer you swag this year. That’s right, do not visit us if you are just looking for free pens.

Instead, Join Us in Fighting Global Hunger
Do visit us if you want to raise money for Oxfam’s Grow Food anti-hunger campaign. Our goal at Perkuto is to raise $2,000 in donations. We’d like your help and all it takes is a quick visit and tweet at our booth (#272).

  1. Visit our booth (#272)

  2. Take your photo in our iPad “Photo Booth”.

  3. We will tweet that photo from @perkuto.

  4. For each tweet, we will give $20 to Oxfam.

If you drop by our booth, you will be helping to provide food for the hungry around the world. You will also have an exclusive first peek at our new email-to-RSS feed tool for Marketo.

Wait, what?

Introducing Digesto, the Automated RSS-to-Email Tool for Marketo

Digesto - RSS to Email for MarketoYes, that’s right. Perkuto is now a Launchpoint partner with the first and only Marketo system for automatic RSS feeds: Digesto.

Digesto integrates with your Marketo instance to automatically fetch your blog’s RSS feed and send out new posts to your subscriber list. Instead of building an Email Blast Program for every new post, just create one Digesto Program and let it run!

  • Save Time, Reduce the Grunt Work with Digesto. Go beyond collecting emails with a Marketo Form – automate the delivery too!

  • Increase Content Engagement with your audience with automated feed that provides them the latest content in their preferred format.

  • Grow Your List with an easy to use subscriber collector and delivery system. No more missed sends or broken promises.

When you first bought Marketo, you had a dream of sending out your blog newsletter automatically whenever new content appeared. Now you can make that dream a reality with Digesto. Stop using that other email provider you kept for automated blog emails and avoid hundreds of hours of email formatting, RSS feed problems, and collating missing engagement results outside of Marketo.

Interested in learning more? Get all the details to prepare for your 14-day FREE trial to Digesto.

Visit our booth (#272) at the Marketo Summit Expo next week to see a demo and speak with the creators.

See you on Monday!

P.S.: Not registered for the Marketo Summit yet? Buy 4 passes and get one FREE using our special code – just for you. Use this code at checkout: SOLOHO

Image Credit: flickr users dfid and waferboard