Fellow data nerds: sharpen your pencils and take note, because this update is one to get excited about! Marketo’s July 2020 release featured a “Used By” export in field management, and for anyone in data management, this is a huge time-saver.

Why is the “Used By” Export so Cool? 

This new feature will allow you to export all “Used By” asset links for a selected field into a CSV file. It’s a very welcome update, as the old method involved manually copying and pasting from the browser, and was a big time suck. Not to mention, formatting was a mess, and you were required to search for the various assets and campaigns in use. Additionally, this new method gives you the list of all the assets, hyperlinked to their location for quick access. With the new release, you also get a column in the CSV for “Used by Type,” such as a smart list or form, to understand how the field is being used. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


Practical Use Case Examples

Let’s suppose you need to start using a new field called “Job Role” instead of “Job Title.” Simply export the list of forms, emails and smart campaigns that are using ‘Job Title’ and then go locate them to make the change. This is exceptionally useful if you ever want to hide a field, as Marketo will not allow you to hide any fields currently in use.

For anyone who works in data management, I know that your time comes at a premium. This seemingly small Marketo update is great news and will end up saving you much-need time over the long-haul.

What else is included in this update? Be sure to read the full Marketo July 2020 release notes if you haven’t already.

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