New to the sales and marketing industry or marketing automation? Ever try to have a conversation with a newbie without using acronyms… or just tell your mom what you did today? Bet you use more acronyms than you think! Here’s a short list, be sure to download and share our complete Guide to Marketing Automation Acronyms!

Guide to Marketing Automation Acronyms

Marketing Automation Acronyms

AQL: Automation Qualified Lead

BT: Behavioral Targeting

CPL: Cost per Lead

CPO: Cost per Opportunity

CTA: Call to Action

FT: First-touch attribution

LTV: Lifetime Value

MAL: Marketing Accepted Lead

MAP: Marketing Automation Platform

MT: Multi-touch attribution

MQL: Marketing Qualified Lead

SAL: Sales Accepted Lead

SGL: Sales Generated Lead

SQL: Sales Qualified Lead

SRL: Sales-Ready Leads

TAL: Teleprospecting Accepted Lead

TGL: Teleprospecting Generated Lead

TQL: Teleprospecting Qualified Lead

General Marketing and Business Acronyms

AIDA: Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

BANT: budget, authority, need, timeline

BI: Business Intelligence

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

RTD: Real Time Data

SLA: Service-level agreement

WIIFM: What’s in it for me

Digital Marketing Acronyms

CPC: Cost Per Click

CTOR: Click to Open Rate

CTR: Click Through Rate

DM: Direct Message

ESP: Email Service Provider

GA: Google Analytics

GAW: Google AdWords

ISP: Internet Service Provider

PPC: Pay per Click

RSS: Really Simple Syndication

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SERP: Search Engine Results Page

SMM: Social Media Marketing

SMO: Social Media Optimization

UX: User Experience

WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get

Techie Acronyms

API: Application Programming Interface

CMS: Content Management System

DKIM: Domain Keys Identified Mail

DNS: Domain Name System

SPF: Sender policy framework

Marketo Acronyms

MCC: Marketo Certified Consultant

MCE: Marketo Certified Expert

MFM: Marketo Financial Management

RCA: Revenue Cycle Analytics

RCE: Revenue Cycle Explorer

RCM: Revenue Cycle Model

RTP: Real-Time Personalization

Generally Marketo acronyms aren’t a problem, but the icon’s might be! Check out Marketo’s icon glossary.

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