In the era of social media, creating and maintaining an effective social media presence is a must-have for any marketing team. But that’s easier said than done… Luckily, a wide variety of tools are available that can help maximize social media ROI. Most of these tools, however, fall short in one key area: they don’t focus on using social networks to generate and nurture leads. Marketo, on the other hand, has deep functionality for not only setting up social lead generation campaigns, but also for tracking performance and feeding social data into a lead database.  In addition, Marketo seamlessly integrates with key, industry-leading social media marketing tools, and allows you to use a combination of tools to better suit your needs. For example, Social Media Measurement tools like Sprinklr, Brandwatch, Spredfast, ViralHeat and Synthesio or Social Media Management tools like Hootsuite, are all LaunchPoint Social Media partners. Here a few key benefits of using Marketo social apps:

1. Using Marketo Social Apps for Content Creation 

As content marketing expert Jay Baer regularly states,

“if content is fire, than social media is gasoline. Social media’s best relationship to content is as an amplification layer, content exists independent of what you’re doing in social, but you’re using social to drive awareness of your fantastic content executions.”

In other words, in order to drive profitable customer action from social media, you need to provide high value content to get value back. Sometimes it may take more than just churning out a quick blog post to get you across the goal line. Marketo offers users a wealth of different applications that can increase the effectiveness of your content on social media. It offers social apps for creating sweepstakes and referral campaigns, share buttons and shareable videos, social polls to engage your audience, social forms, emails for social promotions and Facebook tab publishing. Having all these applications in one dashboard makes the process of creating content for your social campaigns easier and more efficient.

2. Measure Campaign Key Performance Indicators

Social interactions add a powerful new layer of data to your leads. Having a tool that can drill down into analytics on the campaign level on social media is rare – but Marketo does just that. It allows you to track social interactions from any campaign that’s been built with their social apps. Whether you are creating a referral campaign or launching a social sweepstakes, Marketo organizes the performance data into three sections: Social Funnel, Audience, and Share Metrics.

Notably, the Social Funnel provides users visibility into leads’ progression by examining five key success metrics: campaign visits, interactions, shares, resulting clicks, and registration. This funnel visualization can help social media marketers identify which stages in the lead journey need improvement or are performing well within a given social campaign.

The Audience panel allows you to review how your prospects are spreading your content (example of metrics: total profiles, influencers, social reach, social impressions).

And lastly, the Share Metrics panel allows you to review the aggregated social activity generated by your social app (e.g. share rate, clickback rate, social lift).

3. Lead database at the heart of your social media data

Most social media tools don’t have a CRM or a contact database at their heart – without which, important customer context can be lost. Another reality is that most social media tools focus on measuring traditional social metrics associated with your social account as a whole, such as the clicks, likes and shares garnered by the actions taken by your account’s admin. This type of data works well to provide an overview and inform strategy, but leaves you with limited data on potential prospects or leads (i.e. being able to associate an email or name to the fan who interacted with you). On the other hand, whatever data is instigated by Marketo social apps is captured and used to enhance your lead database. By using Marketo social apps, there is a much greater chance of collecting useful information that can be used for both generating and nurturing leads. For example, the social form fill feature enables campaign participants to fill out a form by signing in with their personal profile. Or, by creating a social sweepstakes campaign in Marketo, you can choose the fields required for participation and capture important segmentation data. Features like this allow you to bolster your database and as a result, bolster future campaigns and engagement programs.

Integrating marketing automation into your social media marketing strategy can give your digital marketing team a serious boost and advantage over your competitors. Marketo’s social dashboard provides all the tools to make this process simple. Does this all sound great, but you’re a newbie with Marketing Automation? We’ve got you covered. Contact us or have a look at our free eBooks library here.