I think most of us not-so-secretly want in on Beyonce’s lifestyle. Honestly, I’d love to demand fresh toilet seats and red toilet paper wherever I go. Perhaps your prospects don’t have the same expectations, but it is possible to deliver a real-time personalized experience they’d love. How do I know? A Marketo client, Panaya, saw a 113% increase in content consumption after launching their Real-Time Personalization (RTP) program.

Here’s how RTP is done:

RTP has 3 requirements: The who, the what, and the where.

The “who” would be a collection of profiles of your prospects, and not necessarily the 60’s band. Say you’re targeting a few industries like Finance, Medical, and Contemporary R&B Celebrities. Ask questions to determine the needs of these groups. What product/service of yours would each of profiles be interested in respectively? What’s their budget? What’s their urgency? Once you have a few profiles together, think about what might get their attention.

The “what” would be the content offering, the call to action, and anything that would get your prospect to start their buyer journey with you. If, for example, you’re selling scheduling software, all three groups from above would have very different needs. Would an eBook excite someone in the finance industry? Would a White Paper be more effective for Hospital Directors? Finally, what messaging do these groups respond to? Would using “ROI” appeal more to the Financial Managers than Hospital Directors? Now, where would these groups see this message?

The “where” is typically your home base. Your website is the perfect hub to catch and hold those first fleeting moments of attention. With RTP, the Financial Manager would see an eBook that speaks to how much money they’ll save at the end of the year with more effective scheduling, whereas the Hospital Director will find a White Paper describing how they can resolve their workforce management woes on their first visit. When your RTP project is completely built out, your website should be able to reconfigure itself instantly whenever a member of your segments is identified. Beyonce empire Perkuto rtp Ok, RTP may not be as flattering as a team serving you your favourite alkaline water at exactly 21 degrees, but it can make your prospects feel like royalty. When the right prospect sees the right offering at the right time, it creates an experience in-line with what drove them to your site in the first place. The ultimate goal in sales and marketing is to prove we understand our customers needs and that we have the solution that solves their problems better than our competitors. When companies position their offerings this well, the results speak for themselves. Marketers, in my experience, are the hardest people to market too. What would it take to get you to click?

If you’d like some help getting started with, configuring, or completely revamping your RTP solution, get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to make it happen for 2016. Image credit: Gossip On This