Montreal, Quebec—September 15,, the leading campaign execution platform for Marketo, today announced the launch of a new feature: an email and landing pages layout editor. This layout editor gives marketers the freedom to build their own emails and landing pages while providing protections and guardrails for brand cohesion, and keeping everything organized under the same Marketo program.

Jeto was originally created by Perkuto, an Adobe Platinum partner and Marketo Engage specialized marketing operations agency, to help organizations enable self-serve marketing for marketers without technical or Marketo knowledge, while still building the campaigns in Marketo. This platform cuts down on the tedious back and forth tasks associated with campaign execution, saving marketers on both time and operational costs. The newest feature further empowers users with even more freedom to edit the layout of email and landing page campaigns within Jeto.

“Marketers today want more license to be creative. They’re looking for ways to stand out, and to do that they need the flexibility to create new, compelling assets,” stressed Alexandre Pelletier, CEO and Cofounder of “However, brand consistency is also hugely important. The asset editor in Jeto helps address both the creative and cautionary needs for an organization, giving non-technical marketers more freedom to create and modify the assets they need without risking brand cohesion and compliance.”

“We are particularly excited about this new feature, because it means that Jeto is better able to address the creative complexities that inevitably come up throughout the campaign creation process for marketers everywhere. It helps bridge the creative-automation gap.” he added. “ The effects of the pandemic have only amplified the need to enable marketers in a self-serve model to better keep up with the constant, and in some cases increased, campaign requests.”

This new feature still gives administrators granular control to individual modules within an asset that can be edited, and which are to remain locked.

“The ability to use editable templates in Jeto has been a game-changer for my team, as it significantly cuts down on the number of templates that we need.” said Nikki Hawver, Project Manager at CNH Industrial. “Marketers have the ability change up the templates to swap out imagery, include a clickable button, or add signature details without needing any special skills, all within controls that protect our brand guidelines. This has been a huge excitement factor for us. The platform is very straightforward and user friendly, which saves time and allows marketers to get their messaging out the door quickly, all on their own.”

In addition to the newest feature, is offering a free 3 month trial license, no strings attached. To learn more or to schedule a personal demo, visit