Over the years of working with our clients, one of the challenges we’ve seen over and over again is that of scaling. Clients ask us all the time, how can we scale our marketing operations? What can we do to deliver more campaigns, enable more users and basically do everything faster?

The reality is that there’s never been an “easy button” to make that happen; scaling marketing operations has always been complicated. Regardless of whether your team is running on a centralized marketing operations model, where a core team executes and controls all campaigns requested by marketers throughout your organization, or a distributed marketing operations model where all marketers have access to Marketo to create and launch campaigns, both approach have their benefits and their downsides.

Centralized model benefits

Distributed model benefits

Quality control is assured

Everyone can launch campaigns


Centralized model cons

Distributed model cons

Campaign instructions & requirements are often incomplete, creating waste & inefficiency

High chance of users breaking Marketo due to all marketers having autonomous access

Campaign delays & cancellations due to higher campaign volumes creating bottleneck at the MOPS level

High chance of off-brand emails and other messaging being delivered to customers, prospects

Hiring, training & retaining qualified Marketo talent for MOPS team is difficult & expensive

High chance of customer dissatisfaction, unsubscribes, and complaints due to bad user experience


As an entrepreneur, one way I’ve always tried to solve problems is by looking at all existing solutions, extracting only the benefits of each one and then combining them together to create a unique approach. With that goal in mind, we took the best attributes of the centralized model—its baked-in quality control process—and created an app that offers our clients a distributed way to scale their operations, delivered in a super easy-to-use interface.

This new solution, brought to you by Perkuto, is called Jeto.

About Jeto and the Conducted Operations Model

Building on Marketo’s own “fearless” marketing strategy, we imagined Jeto as a fearless way to scale your operations in what we’re calling a “conducted” operations model. Conceptually, the conducted operations model distributes power to marketers while keeping certain content and processes under control.

In essence, Jeto is a layer that sits atop Marketo, simplifying the process of launching campaigns. Jeto allows non-technical people to leverage the power of Marketo, without the complexity and risks associated with them using it directly.

How Jeto Works

First, the user (which can be anyone—from your marketing team to a partner to a volunteer) selects the type of campaign they want to launch, whether it be an event, email, webinar or even SMS. Then, they select a campaign launcher from among the choices that the MOPS team has made available to the specific user. The campaign launcher, which is controlled by the MOPS team, contains the audience, assets and flow steps of the program. Finally, the user fills out a simple form and launches a beautiful, on-brand campaign, all within minutes. The information will automatically populate program tokens and update all assets.

Jeto Conducted Model Benefits

  • Quality control is assured
  • Everyone can launch campaigns

By combining the two major benefits of the centralized and distributed models, JETO’s conducted approach is super easy for marketers to use, ensuring high adoption without requiring extensive training by the MOPS team. Because the MOPS team ultimately controls the quality and the processes within the campaign launchers, you’re guaranteed error-free campaigns at a truly unlimited capacity.

You can confidently give campaign access to field marketers, HR, support or product teams, or even to partners outside your organization for co-marketing efforts. Taking things a step further, you could even allow distributors, external agencies, volunteers, etc. to launch campaigns on your behalf. Talk about scaling!

Learn More, Then Try Jeto for Yourself

We hope you’ll check out Jeto for yourself and see just how easy it is to begin launching more campaigns, faster! For more info, watch this brief video overview on how Jeto can help scale your marketing operations, or read how Australia’s leading lingerie brand Intimo was able to use Jeto to grow its email database from 0 to 50,000 people in mere months. Then get in touch with us to see if Jeto is a good fit for your organization and start scaling your marketing operations, stat!