76% of marketing operations professionals feel they cannot fully maximize the impact of marketing initiatives while also being efficient (Gartner).

Yet at the same time, the top KPIs that evaluate the success of marketing operations are work efficiency and impact measurement.

This is a pain point we see often. As a full-service marketing operations agency, we help clients maximize efficiency while reaching the impact expected by the C-suite.

Our client, a Fortune 50 technology company, was dealing with similar pain points. They lacked a stable foundation that would allow them to scale and be more efficient. They also didn’t have a clear view of campaign performance, which prevented them from proving impact to senior leadership.

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We began working with our client back in November 2018. We began with just one division, where we were solely responsible for campaign execution. Slowly but surely, our client’s trust grew and today we support ten divisions in directing their marketing operations strategy.


Our client has a large Marketo instance with multiple workspaces. With so much going in in their instance, there wasn’t much organization or consistency. This prevented our client from being able to efficiently execute campaigns.

They called in the support of Perkuto + MERGE to bring some structure to their Marketo instance, which consisted of developing reusable email templates and landing page templates. This would allow them to execute campaigns more efficiently and centralize their marketing efforts.

In order to accommodate our client’s growing needs, we deployed a team of 14 employees:

marketing operations team structure


At large, the solution provided by Perkuto + MERGE can be broken down into these three categories – developing scalable foundations, increasing efficiency in Marketo, and optimizing engagement programs.

Developing a stable foundation

Our team executed large-scale global monthly email newsletters across several divisions, in as many as 19 languages. Our team developed email templates to ensure there was a scalable foundation that met brand standards.

To ensure stakeholders have a clear view of success metrics, we built Google Data Studio reports. These branded data visualizations outlined campaign success, factoring in items such as segmentation and geography. When the first division was happy with our Google Data Studio reports, we received countless requests from other divisions to help build their data visualizations (even when they weren’t using Marketo). Present day, our team has developed data visualizations for six divisions.

Increasing efficiency in Marketo

When our client launched a new division, they were struggling to meet business objectives. What they needed was an extension of their team, so Perkuto + MERGE stepped in to extend the team’s capacity in the following areas:

  • Deploying newsletters
  • Launching major initiatives including email, video, and landing pages
  • Elevating their marketing from email to multi-channel

Continuously optimizing engagement programs

When we develop engagement programs, we don’t just “set it and forget it.” Instead, we continuously optimize engagement programs. This allows us to unlock opportunities for growth or improvement.

Through our analysis, we discovered we were receiving MQLs from across the world. Based on this knowledge, our team created an entirely new nurture program to accommodate the most popular languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese

Ultimately, this approach to Marketo engagement programs allowed our client to be more agile and iterative.

Another area where our client needed help was a major corporate rebrand (including a company name change). Our team played an instrumental role in rebranding all of their marketing assets to align with their new brand standards. Lastly, our team also developed email and landing page templates, nurture programs, and lead scoring to ensure optimal efficiency.


Ultimately, we helped our client level up their knowledge by sharing best practices across the divisions and applying lessons learned from one place to another. Together, we accomplished the following:

In the first six months of the engagement program:

  • Generated 3,200+ MQLs which translated into 60+ Opportunities
  • 32 new landing page templates
  • 19 new email templates
  • 8 program templates

In a single year:

  • 18.5M emails
  • 3.8M email opens
  • 36% open rate
  • 18% CTOR

Additionally, our team designed and activated six engagement programs. The top-performing engagement program generated a +922% increase in product interest and 27% growth in the subscriber base.

The Final Takeaway

By creating a scalable foundation, our client was able to reach unprecedented growth and surpass their goals.

And some final words from our client?

“I do want to express that I am very thankful for the Perkuto + MERGE team and how much you all have empowered our corner of marketing. We are very lucky to have you and it feels great to have people we can trust who tackle the work with professionalism but also as genuinely good folks.” Marketing Automation Specialist”