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When our client, a global location technology company, lost three key employees on their marketing operations team, they were quick to phone a friend to Perkuto. Not even two weeks later, the Perkuto team had their sleeves rolled up, ready to jump into their Marketo instance.

Since we had previously worked together on landing page and email template development, our client had a fallback option when they found themselves with three fewer team members and little to no resources for executing Marketo campaigns.

It’s one of the many benefits of having a relationship with a marketing operations agency – whether your team loses a key player, needs help restructuring your Marketo instance, or simply needs more bandwidth, having a trusted partner to fall back on can alleviate unforeseen circumstances.

The Problem

In the words of our client, they “had zero resources” when it came to Marketo. By losing three employees, they were also losing the collective knowledge of those employees, leaving them with no means to execute campaigns in Marketo.

Our client needed hands-on support in the following areas:

  • Day-to-day marketing operations support
  • Technical Marketo assistance
  • List imports
  • Campaign execution
  • Marketo integrations
  • Event webinars
  • Ad-hoc requests

With Perkuto’s expertise spanning from Marketo program builds, landing page template development, and lead life cycle to process design and ongoing roadmap planning, our team was able to jump in and ensure all Marketo responsibilities were not only accounted for but also executed according to best practices.

💡 Did you know? Our team holds the accumulated knowledge of 1,500 projects in Marketo over the past 10 years. The consultants at Perkuto have been vetted by our exclusive qualification testing, are Marketo certified, and have been trained by our proprietary methodology developed by best practices. Learn more!

The Solution

Perkuto brings manpower – it’s a very simple solution.

In the course of five months, Perkuto executed the following solutions:

  • Support for campaign operations through an ongoing period of low staffing: In other words, keeping the lights on.
  • Updates to Marketo Sandbox: Test integrations in an environment mimicking the production in Marketo and SFDC instances to discover and fix issues before they go live.
  • Fix LinkedIn lead generation form issues: Never miss an opportunity to nurture new leads.
  • BrightTalk implementation: Eliminate manual imports of leads in Marketo to gain efficiency and begin nurturing new leads in a timely fashion.
  • Foundation training sessions: Empower our client to increase Marketo confidence and gain efficiency.
  • Improving internal processes with standardized intake forms: Improve communication and reduce turnaround time to complete requests.

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The Results

Our client has had several successes, with the highlights being:

  • Built a new nurture program: Included one stream and 6 emails
  • Facilitated the re-launch of the client’s newsletter: A bi-monthly newsletter

The work Perkuto accomplished ensured that despite losing three employees, our client’s marketing campaigns didn’t have to suffer:

  • Sent 1,701,088 emails via 75 email sends
  • Facilitated 272,732 email opens
  • 24 webinars scheduled
  • 30 list imports uploaded through Integrate
  • 14 email programs executed
  • 13 landing pages created
  • 3 nurture streams activated
  • Kept the unsubscribe rate low, at 0.2%

As you can see, our client was able to greatly increase email capacity during our partnership.

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The Final Takeaway

Our client went from zero Marketo support to ample support. Perkuto provided vital support in the execution of Marketo campaigns, which in part led them to meet their goals.

I felt the team at Perkuto had a very strong understanding of Marketo – not just the basics, but the architecture.

Overall, I feel very comfortable working with Perkuto – the consultants are very technical and it was easy for us to explain our goals to them.

And some final words from our client?

Without Perkuto, we couldn’t send emails. It’s as simple as that. Click To Tweet