When our client, a US-based travel company, was looking to execute a Hubspot to Marketo migration, they were quick to call in the support of the Perkuto team.


We first started working with our client in 2018 when they needed assistance on one of their programs. Our work consisted of executing a Marketo audit and assisting with velocity scripting. Two years later, we helped with an Eloqua to Marketo migration.

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With these projects being a success, our main POC recommended us for the next migration, Hubspot to Marketo.

The Problem

Our client wanted to migrate from Hubspot to Marketo for the following reasons:

  1. Flexibility: Marketo’s built-in data handling, paired with the tool’s API access, gave our client the flexibility they needed to architect and report on their data to their exact specifications.
  2. Scalability: Clonable Marketo programs with nested email and landing page assets are second-to-none in decreasing the time needed to release new marketing campaigns.
  3. Consolidation: Rather than business units operating across a variety of marketing automation platforms, our client wanted to consolidate their marketing automation platforms to their preferred platform, Marketo.

The Solution

Our migration strategy covered five areas: asset migration, compliance programs, lead nurturing, preference center, and foundational training. In order to execute this migration in a timely manner, we enlisted the support of 13 team members (one project manager, one lead consultant, and 11 associate consultants).

Asset Migration

The Perkuto team supported our client’s media solutions migration, which consisted of migrating the following:

  • Two engagement programs
  • 50 pieces of content (whitepapers, e-books, etc)

When we assist clients in asset migration, we ensure its executed in a seamless and risk-free manner. By diligently auditing our client’s existing systems, reviewing assets to be migrated, and recreating them in the new Marketo instance, we lay a foundation that is not only scalable but also created according to best practices.

This ensures that all mission-critical assets are accurately migrated to the new instance without disrupting existing engagement marketing efforts.

Compliance programs

A crucial component of any migration is implementing compliance programs, namely GDPR and CASL. Our client had a clear idea of what they wanted their Marketo consent management to look like. The Perkuto team built programs and processes that ensured our client’s Marketo database followed their consent management requirements.

Our solution consisted of two components:

  • Education: lead an introductory workshop and provide documentation of the proposed implementation plan
  • GDPR alignment programs and form updates: build a program to manage email and data consent.

Additionally, we provided extensive documentation on how the project was executed and details on the program infrastructure.

Lead nurturing

In an effort to keep our client’s leads engaged, we built custom nurture programs to structure the programs, streams, and types of content. The Perkuto team also conducted thorough QA to ensure a seamless user experience to drive qualified leads.

Preference center

Another aspect of our solution was building out a preference center to allow visitors to select from a list of possible communication types. Following the requirements provided by our client, the Perkuto team configured a new program to house the preference center.

Lastly, the Perkuto team conducted a two-day training for our client’s team of 10 people.

The Results

Migrating your marketing automation platform is a sizable project that can sometimes take months to execute. Our team was able to complete this migration in just two months.

Whether it’s a migration, managed services, or even landing page and email template development, having a trusted Marketo agency to fall back on can significantly reduce project timelines and ensure projects are executed according to best practices the first time around.

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