A staggering two-thirds of businesses across the globe are struggling to hire, despite many organizations reporting their highest hiring intentions, according to a survey by ManpowerGroup. For marketing operations leaders, this talent shortage has only further impaired your hiring efforts, which were already challenging in the first place.

We’ve felt this pain ourselves and as part of the solution, we recently started working with an organization called Highway Education. Through their programs, Highway Education is cultivating a new breed of marketing operations talent. Even better, Highway Education is able to reach disadvantaged groups that may not otherwise have access to digital marketing training and resources.

Highway Education is a certified B Corp that bridges the gap between junior-level candidates who are struggling to enter the digital industry with organizations striving to recruit qualified marketing operations talent.


Toby Murdock, Founder of Highway Education recognized the disconnect between high-potential, low-opportunity individuals and the shortage of junior talent in the marketing operations profession. Highway Education provides rigorous training to highly qualified junior-level talent who are eager to launch their careers in digital marketing.

“There is a hiring crisis in marketing operations, and we want to be the solution.” Toby Murdock

Committed to Your Success

Highway Education breaks down barriers by requiring no payment upfront, and only students who have obtained a job paying over $55K per year are required to begin repayment. Students can also reduce their tuition by $10K if they are hired by a Premier Employer.

“Our commitment is to get you a digital marketing job. You don’t pay us until together we make that happen. ” Highway Education

Creating a Curriculum to Simulate Real-World Marketing Operations Scenarios

How exactly does Highway Education prepare its students to enter the marketing operations profession?

First, they begin with foundational training around marketing and business concepts such as the buyer’s journey, sales funnel, and nurture strategies.

From here, students begin their technical training through the various marketing automation platforms like Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Salesforce. Since this training is designed and taught by Marketing Operations veterans, students gain a real-world understanding that will prepare them for their career in MOps.

Highway Education students learn the following tasks:

  • Building workflows
  • Campaign execution
  • Creating lists and audiences
  • Building campaigns and landing pages
  • Analyzing campaign performance
  • Light integration work
  • Database hygiene

💡  Learn more about Highway Education’s curriculum here.

Highway Education also recognizes the importance of soft skills, from communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. This means students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them to seamlessly integrate into your marketing operations team.

“We don’t want someone who can just pass a test. We simulate real-world projects so that the candidate can gain experience and stakeholder interactions. After four months, this creates an experience that will bring the candidate to the junior-level marketing operations profession.” Toby Murdock, Founder of Highway Education

💡 Curious to learn more about registering as a Highway Education employer? Read more.

Proud Employer of Highway Education Graduates

“For me, I liked that the program provided a foundation to students interested in marketing operations. It’s hard to get your foot in the door in such a niche yet booming field. Highway Education is connecting employees to students who genuinely have a love for learning. It’s that same growth mindset and curiosity that we foster at Perkuto and that’s what really drew us in” Pria Bhatt, Talent and Culture Advisor at Perkuto.

With a strong alignment between values and social mission, our team was eager to expand our team while also staying true to our values of diversity and inclusion. Perkuto welcomed two Highway Education hires from the 2021 cohort, which began in June 2021 and concluded in October 2021.

Read what Kaci and Nick had to say about their Highway Education experience:

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